Seedlings die after 1-2 days

I’d appreciate any help you could give me with growing ILGM Skywalker and California dream seeds.
I planted 1 of each 3 times and all died after 1-2 days.
I’ve been growing for a couple of years and never had this happen before.
Same process as always.
Very confusing.
I don’t know if it’s a problem with the seeds, soils, peat pots, water, light or combination of all.
This is my process:
Soak seeds for 24 hours in 6.5 ph water.
Put them in 2. diameter jiffy pet pots.
Cover with plastic dome.
(Tried planting in both seed starter soil and also Foxfarm ocean forest. Same results.)
Place on seed heating pad until sprout.
After they sprout I put them under a 200-250 W LED blue light 50” away.
(It’s a 600 W dimmable LED).
10 on / 14 off.
Small fan blowing.
I use a water bottle to spray the top of the soil lightly twice daily.
The pots seem pretty dry.
Some never even stand up straight. Some do but quickly lean over the next day.
The next time I check they are laying down flat.
I check them in the morning and most are dead.
I try to not over or underwater.

Any help would be appreciated!

Could it be your heating mat is cooking them?
Sometimes those mats can get pretty warm even if only for a short while.


First thing I see wrong is your time schedule right now you want 20 and 4 hours if d as rk for 18 and 6 hours dark or 24 light… u go less then 12 hour u will flower as soon as plant matures…photos are all about there (photoperiod)


I reduced the hours because the seeds died so quickly. I thought possibly too much light.
Originally it was 12/12. That’s what’s the light manufacturer suggested for seeds. Then switching to 18/6

That’s interesting. I never considered that. It’s the same heat mat I used for years. Always worked. But you might be right. They might be already cooked when they sprout. Once they’re damaged they can’t come back. I’ll try again with no mat.
Thanks for your suggestion!

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Here is exactly how I do my seeds and damn @fano_man beat me about the light schedule.

I put seeds between 18 to 24 hours in filtered tap water. I then put the seeds in damp toilet paper. We don’t use paper towels in the house.

I wait upto 2 days in the damp toilet paper. I check for s tap root. Check…I then put them in a 5 gallon bucket and 1/2 full of FFOF soil that is flushed from previous grow.

The soil is still pretty wet so I don’t need to water the seeds daily at first. They go straight into my grow room. No transferring at all.

I don’t check pH or anything else. And my GSC says it all about how crazy my plants can get. :joy::joy::joy:

My success rate is about 95%.

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I agree with you guys that the light schedule is wrong.
But he has had six seedlings sprout and then just drop dead after a day or two. The pics show about a one inch plant.
Too little light via distance or schedule causes leggy stretched plants that eventually fall over.
I thought perhaps a fungus in the soil or water, but he has used different soils.
Damping off will do that but he has enough experience to know that…

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Distilled water in a custard cup or coffee mug. 1/2 tsp of peroxide. Soak seeds until tail shows. If longer than 24 hours add more peroxide. Once cracked they go into coco or Promix with a dome, mist the dome only and run lights 24/0. Keep temps in the upper 70’s.

I do not like peat pots.


Every time I have ever used peat pellets, the kind that swell I have ended up with a gnat infestation in my house, when using them to sprout any type of plants, not just weed, here lately. I don’t know what happened, I used to use them religiously when starting any of my outdoor plans

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That’s what confuses me.
I’ve done this many times and they grow fine.
Some never stand straight.
The next day they are dead.
They never get a chance to stretch for light.
I thought maybe the peat pots are contaminated.
Or maybe they dry out too quickly overnight.
I put the pots in plastic party cups to help retain moisture.
I’ll need to re-order seeds soon at this rate.

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Well quit doing what you are doing because it ain’t working lol.


Thats why I suspect the heat mat.
I cooked some seeds last spring, just garden veggies, and learned the heat mat has drawbacks. Most are not temp controlled.
So I got an ink bird controller.
It could be your taproot got too hot and the seedling just flat died.
Of course this is just an idea for consideration. It just seems there is something that is common to all of them that is doing this.

I use a heat mat but with an analog timer. I do one pin on, one pin off. So the heat mat is only on half the time but spread out. They get way too hot if on constantly.

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It really helps when I hear all these replies.
It really does sound like common factor is the heating pad.
It makes sense that the seeds are getting cooked and don’t really have a chance to grow.
And I’m gonna try another set of seeds with some on the heat and some off.
Thank you all for your input!

Never thought of putting a timer on it.
I’ll try that also. Thank you!


I’ve had a bunch of gorilla glue seeds looked great they grow 3 4bdays and just die some seeds aren’t 100% viable

That’s a possibility.
ILGM is usually good at replacing them if that’s the case

Mine were bag seed but they looked great they would get cotyledons next come out gnarly then they shrivel it stall and do nothing…ilgm seed are a wjolenother story tho there good at reimbursing with seedage or coinage

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Heating pads are good if there om the floor in a basement and the floor is freezing other then that put a peice if cardboard under em or a peice ir wood something no conductive thermally and they should be fine as long as it’s around 70 degrees ambient inside

I’ve never had a seed that didn’t grow to a full mature plant.
I took my advice from a 30 year organic farm owner. It’s cheap and simple, even if some don’t like peat pucks.

Buy a jiffy starter dome,
put peat pucks in it,
boil water & pour on peat pellots very gently
Wait for them to slightly cool off a bit until they are just warm.
Cut the top of the pucks up and place seeds inside just under loose soil.
Store in warm place and keep it moist.

This forum gave me the great advice about soaking seeds, although I haven’t always soaked my seeds it is good practice as @Myfriendis410 stated.