Seedlings bending over


I’m a first time grower of WW and my 10 day old plants are 4" tall looking healthy but, bending over. I’m using a 150 watt HPS about 24" from the plant. Need help. Thanks!


Pics help @joe1
Put something in dirt to support them a small stick or something I used plant twist ties bent them to hold them in place didn’t tie around
Also do you have a fan going
What’s your humidity level
You should fill out a support ticket but


That’s exactly what I did. Like I said, I’m new to this and I’ve left the light on constantly and wondering if that’s the problem.
Humidity is around 55% and temperature is 72 degrees. I do have a fan on.

What do you mean by fill out a support ticket?

Thank you for your help, it’s appreciated!



turn your fan for a few days


Ok a support ticket is for info on your grow type of soil ph ppm etc.
you need to copy and paste it into your thread
If you go to the three lines in upper right hand corner of the screen next to your pic first thing you see is support ticket
You probably don’t need that now
Your humidity should be a little higher for seedling since root system isn’t fully developed and they will take in moisture threw leaves
You could try misting air in tent to raise humidity or put a humidifier in tent
Is your fan blowing directly on plant ? Should be moving air in tent but not directly on plant just enough air to move leaves gently
@bryan did exactly as I was describing :+1::v:️ Nice pic @bryan


Thank you both!



Welcome to help bro as are many on the forum sometimes it just takes a while for people to find you thread there’s a lot going on here lol
Tag me if you need to @joe1


Leave the light on, 24" is too far away, its stretching them, cut back on the watering, shut the fan off for a few days …and do not put a dome on them

  • best of luck!


What about adding some more soil to that cup, would that help any for this, I"ve done this with mine, seemed to help a bit.


But some more soil in your cup.



Will do. Don’t want to kill my first soil plant.


When you add more soil .1,} she will have support and two she will have a better root system.



Please keep us up-to-date we love watching the girls grow best of luck