Seedlings are looking unhealthy-White Widow autoflower

From a fellow grower: It sprouted but the starter leaf looks discolored - I have attached a picture. I will hope for the best. I will put it at 18 hours of grow light and water twice a day. Using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil.


Looks good to me Growmie but would suggest not watering 2 times a day. They’ll absorb moisture through their leaves and overwatering can dampen off the tiny tap root and drown/kill her. The best method for me is to place a clear dome over them (clear solo cup or plastic bottle) for the 1st 2 weeks, misting the inside. This will create a humidity dome and I’ll occasionally water about a shot glass around the outside of the cup every 3-4 days to promote root growth :love_you_gesture:


Took the words outta my mouth.

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