Seedlings are flowering!

Either way, they’re off and running! LOL!


Off and running. Lol it’s where the rubber meets the road. We are talking about running shoes, right? Hahah
Happy growing…

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You know all cannabis is genetically modified right?
Humans have selectively breed it for so long that its very unlikely any original “pure breeds” exist.

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True that! Same with all of our foods.
I retract my statement ;)!I truly know nothing about autos.

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I know i don’t care for them to much because they are like unpredictable time bombs :rofl:

You never kniw how many to plant because you never know how big or little they may be they can flower or not at any time large or small.

I still grow them because i went nuts ordering auto seeds :man_facepalming: but I’m growing mostly photos…

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These plants aren’t seedlings, and planted end of march have just reached maturity and started flowering like an auto is supposed to do. The growing conditions are most likely the reason these plants aren’t any bigger. Transplant may help, but once plants start flowering is usually too late for it to make much of a difference.


This is my plant i started about 3 weeks ago. Any comments, suggestions or critics?

Below is a picture of a seedling I started that has been infested by some sort of pest. Any idea what critter might have caused this? I live on the east coast near washington dc.

Odd. Big bites/damage. I usually get much smaller bites outta my plants.

Maybe @Lacewing can help identify. He’s over in the northeast area of the States.

My boyfriend took a trimming of my blueberry to clone. I just switched it to 12/12 the day before. This was a picture from a few days ago. We have it in a 1 gal pot.

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Get you some sticky traps and you can maybe catch one of the bugs to help identify.

Do you think it could be slugs?