Seedlings are 2 weeks old

So I have 2 seedlings that have germinated over 2 weeks ago. They seem to not be growing at all. Is this normal?

Pictures or didn’t happen. In natural light or use your flash.

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A few things, they’re small for 2 weeks. I would get that object on top of them off. They are trying to grow roots and get stable.


May I ask what kind of Soil looks like it has a lot of wood chips ? As @Zee mentioned give The little girl a change to get a little bigger before training. Good luck


I agree :point_up: .way to soon to be training or anything. They are still babies let them get a solid structure built first.


Let that plant grow some branches then bend them down. That is not ideal. And whats with the lumber in your medium? Is there some soil in that? Is there soil below the wood chips?
The chemistry around wood and soil is complicated, generally, nitrogen is required by the wood in the process of decay. Therefore, it will deny some of that N to your plant. I typically steer clear of any soils that have woodchips in them or bark.
That said, in organic soils with earthworms and bacteria, woodchips on the surface can be beneficial provided they dont negatively alter the ph or get mixed into the root zone.

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It’s probably FF. That happy frog was nothing but sticks.