Seedlings and nutrients

Hi all

at what age can you start giving your seedlings full strength nutrients??
mine are about 2 weeks old and have 2 sets of leaves now

Not yet! :slight_smile: Wait until vigorous growth begins (around your 4th or 5th set of leaves) and begin to feed with a very low strength of fertilizer. Nothing stronger than 1/4 strength at most. Make those roots grow in search of nutrients. As the plant gets larger you can increase strength.

Have you downloaded Robert’s grow bible? Read through his blogs, you will find tons of information in there. The link below is to one of his blogs that includes a downloadable guide on fertilizers.

4-6 nodes which should be the 7 leaf or 9 I’m thinking I was told and transplanted .

Glad I found this question. I was wondering the same thing.

Grassmaster is spot on! 4-5 alternating nodes represent an established root zone

Thanks for the info Lakewood!

BNo worries. Peace…