Seedlings and led lights

Just wondering about how big your seedlings should be before entering them into the big LED lights…

Generally after first 3 shoot leaf, is established. You also want to introduce it at a greater distance to canopy and lower gradually. If light has dimming feature it is a plus! Welcome to the forum , best place to learn about all things weed :sunglasses:


So after the 3rd leaf has appeared, put the plant under led lights with the light higher then lower gradually. :+1:

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Mine are under LED from day 1 no issues! Just keep the light, depending on the light… 2 feet away to start.

I’ve got two 1000watts one has a Bloom/veg switch but the other does not whatcha think I should do

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They both are LED

Either is fine just keep a good distance away - lower if stretch more than you like. Careful on using those in flower check the true watts pulled from the wall :+1:

@WVGROWER Do you have a brand, or maybe a true wattage draw? Most of those amazon full spectrum blurple lights are way less than half and some even a quarter of what the claim is! Not good for flowering, and to intense for seedlings unless ran at a greater distance from canopy.

They are both recordcent 1000watt can you tell anything about them?? :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

Do you have a pic of label? Never heard of brand! If you put an @ in front of some ones handle it will draw their attention like @WVGROWER

Hey bubba Holmes, can you tell me y my seedlings are turning yellow plz.???

@WVGROWER do you have pics, some Bio on the plants? Temps, humidity, feed schedule