Seedlings and Flowers in the same tent?

Hi guys, First thanks for the past advice - it’s helped a lot! Question is: I am 7 weeks into growing 2 crit purples that are filling out nicely. They are in a cozy little 2x4 vivosun with a mars hydro ts 600. So I am guesstimating they are 3 weeks out from harvest. I was impatient and started 2 seedlings to fill the void after the crit/purps are done. I have the humidity down to 40-50% for the flowering stage. Is there a set up where I can put the seedlings in the tent and provide good humidity for them until they can have the tent to themselves? I thought about enclosing them but I am wondering if they’ll get enough CO2. They are currently a week old and in a park seed biodome for great humidity but getting leggy and I want to get them under the Mars light. Suggestions? Thanx!

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Hey @WaterRabbit that should be fine if you keep them under the dome for moisture control. Keep your temperature under control and position your seedlings at the edge of the light map.

Take them out of the dome if they are approaching the dome. That can damage leaves.
After three weeks increase your photoperiod to 18x6.

OK - we’ll give it a try! There’s not a lot of room in there but I squeezed the dome into the back. As a follow up to a previous post asking about one plant growing tall and the other of the same strain growing more bushy than tall you can see they did turn out fine (as you guys predicted!). I just jacked the shorter one (on the left) up 8" so they’d get equal light. Thanks!

PS: If anyone thinks this is a poor idea or could be executed in a better way please advise! Just my second grow (3rd in the dome) and still on the learning curve.

I raise seedlings and clones in both flower or veg tent. Floor level residents.

Same temps and humidity for seedlings and flowering plants? What do you keep the RH and temps at to satisfy both stages of development? My tent is at 45% RH and 77 degrees. I would think that’s pretty low for seedlings but optimal for flowers?

The summer heat has me trapped. Lung room Window AC unit 5/2023.
Tent temps 80-84, if higher, I shut down 50% lights.
Currently 81 at 7 am (84 max during the night).
12/12 from 10P to 10A
Many fans, 1 exhaust thru attic.
Not currently concerned about efficient growing, just survive summer heat and life.
Preparing for Fall grow (optimum indoor environment Sept-June).
You are correct, clones and seedling raised from germination mat/humidity domed did better, grew faster, but mat is now turned off don’t want the heat.

Thanks for the answer. Those are some rough conditions. Hot here in Pa. too but my set up is in the garage with central A/C ducts and I actually have a heater on a thermostat to off set the chill! I hope your crop beats the heat and is abundant - Cheers

1980’s burned most every grow living in Morgan City LA.
We will survive. outdoor plants have the lead.
Sept -June optimum AUTOS 18/6 expected for me.
Best to you, also.