Seedling yellowish leaf tips

OK. I can do that. My lights are an HLG 225 I have for a hydro setup but I can slide it in there if appropriate. It is about 24" off my Hydro. I also have an amazon cheapo I can use. My setup are in a closet and I can get them as far as about 5’ away from light or as close as suggested.

other light

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try it at about 12-15" from plant on a 16 hour day. If she rebounds in a day or two, then you can adjust light as needed and increase to 18 hour day. She may not come back…Use the light in the bold above. It will be fine for now. Take a progress pic if she improves.

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She :wink: has already improved dramatically.

That is a good sign, means she is still wanting to live. She has already started standing back up. Mist the inside of the bag once a day. Once she has her first 2 sets of true leaves, you can transplant but she should definitely recover as much as possible before the transplant as she is already stressed. Keep the pics coming as she progresses and at least we can get you through this struggle.

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Will do. Thanks a bunch!

How long would I be able to keep in this cup? Set already out but I am worried about that stem length.

As soon as she looks like she can be transplanted, you can get her into a bigger pot and bury the stem where it is curvy. Make sure what is above soil is straight up and she will be okay.

Transplanted 2 days ago and it looked good yesterday. This morning I checked under the hood and it was completely fallen over. I gave it a couple sprays of water and it appears to be coming back. The hood had some condensation on it. Think it needs water or no? Hoping I don’t have the same issue happen as last time.

not sure what you think about the bluetooth soil monitors.

I would keep it under a dome for another week. She only has the first true set of leaves. I usually get 3 sets in the 2 weeks she is in the dome prior to transplanting. As for actual watering, no just mist the inside of the dome. You want that condensation, as the humidity is what she is using for moisture while developing roots.

got it. it laid back down so not sure if it is going to make it. it is under the dome and has condensation

2 weeks in. Probably a little behind but progressing. I do have to wonder if I am starving it of water. Everytime it laid down and I added more water in dome, it recovered. Dome still on.

She is a bit behind but she had a rough start. If she was mine, I would leave her in the domed environment for another week but take the dome off for an hour or so each day so she can start hardening. After 7 more days of dome, I would remove and start giving her a few ounces of water as needed in a circle around the stem. like 6-8" diameter around her. At that point she will start searching for the water and stretch her roots out to find it. Overwatering seedlings is the #1 reason I see for failures. The first 2-3 weeks is her developing the roots so all she needs is the humidity and light. Due to my process, I do not give her ANY water while she is in the dome but the seed cup she is in while in the dome was premoistened prior to planting. Keep the updates coming. I believe she is on the down side now and should be fine.

Thanks, I will start that today. Monday I go to Mexico for 5 days. Leave it on or off then? I have another one I am working on that started out bad in hydro. I hung with her and she is coming along so I will keep fighting for this one.

Unfortunately I do not have any advice for absent plant parenting.

understood, i will wing it

Yeah, I would hate it for you if I said do this or that and you come back to a dead plant. :sleepy:

ha! well you probably have a higher chance of getting it right. it’s all good. i might get my daughter to do it. chances are she is gonna have to add nutrients/water to my hydro plants anyways.