Seedling won't grow

Hi guys looking for some advice on what to with this seedling. Was going good for a day and next thing stopped growing and starting looking a bit strange. I have another seed ready to go but I don’t my what the same thing happening again. Any idea what it may have caused this?
The edge of two of the leavrs seem a bit hard to so maybe thinking light burn but not to sure?
Temps - 22 to 28 degrees
Humidity - 40 - 55
1200watt led
Been about 4/5 days like this now also

What kind of soil are you in? She looks nute burned

Using coco atm. Yeah could be that alright, I was feeding my other plants and gave it a small amount of the feed for the big girls. Usually use water just for the first few days but slipped up with that one. How long would you recommend to start adding nutes?

Any advice on trying to save it or could it be a goner? Hasn’t moved in about 3 days to be fair, just don’t want to let her go lol

There are no nutes in coco so they do need fed pretty early but the cotyledons should supply the nutes for the first few weeks. I don’t grow in coco so I’ll tag in @MattyBear for details on that. I’m sure she’s salvageable. She is a weed, after all.


Brilliant man cheers for that! What do you reckon Matty is she going to make it?

It’s 11:30pm where he’s at so may not get an immediate response.

All good, hopefully hear word back at some stage. Thank god your help Bobby!

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Wish I could be of more help. Haven’t dabbled in the coco arena yet. I know there are a bunch more coco guys but for some reason I’m drawing a blank. It’s 2am here and most of them are in the same zone anyway. We’ll get you the help

Nah your all good, helped me out big time!

Make sure your ph in coco is between 5.7-6.1 everytime you water/feed. You’ll have to provide all the nutrients growing in coco as well. What ph have you been watering at so far?


I’m following Matty up with I think a similar thought - the shape of the leaves makes me thing PH might me a little out of whack.

What’s your nutrient regimen?


I don’t know if it is wrong or right to chime in but I wanted to ask advice as well for a plant that has shown life but in spurts. Idk what this is nitrogen def. nutrient lockout? While she hasn’t died she certainly has Been stunted as she was started at same time as the others. Tem78 humidity 43 18/6 led lighting cycle. I preceded to flush medium as thought was nite lockout and since seen movement this was yesterday.
I am not feeding them as they are only 11 days or so old just water pH 6.5 in soil happy frog thanks if you can help?

Looks like it’s in a big pot too. There will be a substantial lull in growth while root base is developing.


Hi Matty sorry for the late reply. I was restricted to my number if reply’s because I’m only new on this. Yeah well I usually water at around 6.4 to 6.7. Would this be to high for the seedling? I took your advice with a lower ph and it seems to be working, a few more leaves have started growing slowly but surely!! Would you recommend always feeding at that ph or just for seedlings?

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Yeah she’s am auto, iv heard its best to keep it in them in the same pot?


Yeah she’s starting to come around after Matty’s advice so could be a ph issue alright but as for nutrient regimen, I actually don’t check but will start to do so as I can notice nutrient burn in some of the leaves in my oh tger plants :frowning:

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Feed throughout at the lower ph :wink::v::bear:

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