Seedling watering?

At what point do you start regular watering of your seedlings??? I mean not misting soil and misting dome but actually watering to run off? Just not knowledgeable as to where the root growth is at at this point and at what point they can take up direct watering.

she stuck her head above the dirt on Oct. 29th.

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It appears that you are off to a great start.
I only mist the inside of the dome and maybe the edges of the soil until transplant.

I water them in thoroughly when I transplant to one gallon pots, wait until it dries and repeat until moving to 10 gallon pots. Usually about a week to 10 days in one gallon pots, so only one watering after transplant before transplanting again.

None of this is carved in stone, I monitor the plants and soil very closely and adjust to their needs.

You are on the right track, keep up the great work.
I hope this helps.

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It’s just a matter of experience (mine is minimal as only 3rd grow) planned on up potting directly into 5 gal pot and start looking at LST. This is a short bushey plant according to seed bank, under 30 inches in height so I thinking it will take well to LST. WWEF.
I am curious why you transplant twice?? What is that advantage??? Trying to learn.

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I grow photo-period plants so the potential of transplant shock is minimal compared to autos. Transplanting twice makes water management easier while they are small (less chance of over or under watering) and I don’t need to keep a large volume of soil watered when the plants don’t yet need the larger volume for their small root system.

I have not had a plant even slow down when transplanted, so I don’t even worry that it will shock them.

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My only experience in transplanting (last grow) went great. Plants went wild in the FFOF within 30 hours.

I just add a little water each day till they get bigger. No domes and no misting. Straight into the grow bucket for me.

That’s what I did in my first grow.