Seedling turning yellow, why?


I germinated this GG and put into a solo cup of Black Gold seedling soil with about 25% perlite. I noticed that both are starting to turn a yellow color, there are no nutes in soil that I know of and I have not fed them. I’m using tap water ph’d to 6.7. Just wondering if I need to start feeding them? They are 7

days from popping out of soil.


Looks fine to me @JDSMOKE. Keep the leaves and just the base moist with a mister or spray bottle with water that’s 6.3 to 6.7 pH and you’re on your way. Good luck.


Will do thanks skgrower.


Don’t feed them until they have at least 4 sets of leaves @JDSMOKE. I use Rapid Rooter from General Hydroponics mixed very light (1ml/gal) when they are seedlings. I don’t think you really even need to do that. Just water for a couple of weeks should be good.