Seedling troubles :(

Hey guys… I’m not sure what is going on with this seedling. Earlier it was just fine about an hour ago. I come back and it’s fallen over.
Literally don’t know why, the stem appears to be weak now. The other day it fell over bc of heat stress from outside. So I packed soil around the stem for support, it’s been fine the last couple days since that happen and I don’t know what’s going on now. I watered a couple days ago too. So I don’t think it’s that.
I’m not entirely sure what’s going on :frowning: the leaves look fine on it too, just normal like earlier

Any tips help a lot.
Thank you

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How much water u giving it and i would pack more soil around the plant see its stretching for light u may have to either turn ur light up or bring it closer so the plant doesn’t stretch to much


I second @Aussie_autos fill with more soil and add a prop stick to her

Thanks for the reply.
I’ve given it barely any water. The first water was last week. The second water was like 2 days ago. It was just fine literally an hour ago… no idea what happen.

I tried laying her against a tooth pick and she keeps falling over.
I don’t have anything to tie the stem or else I’d do that…
I could pack more soil but the pot is already almost filled with soil from the last time I packed it.

I’m telling you guys, this plant was sticking straight up earlier from the pics I posted.
This literally happen in a very short time span.

The lights thing, I don’t have grow lights so I depend on windowsil light for right now. It’s been doing okay.

I’m not sure what’s really going on with it at all.

Ok get a paper clip bend one side straight and make the other end into a hook stick the paper clip around the plant and stick the other end into ur soil

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Or use a good bag tie and gently tighten it to the support stick a toothpick will be too small


Trying to look for a paper clip or a bag tie and I unfortunately don’t have either :frowning:
I think I’m just SOL for now and just gotta wait and see if she recovers…
This absolutely sucks.
Don’t even know what caused this to happen. Like I said it was doing good earlier.
It’s like the stem became weak within a half hour I was gone

Ok other option any old shoes lying around? If so take a lace cut a price off and tie with that @Adtr.bran

I think she’s dying tbh…
Don’t even know how either, especially if she was just fine not long ago…
The stem is becoming skinner now then it was earlier. Like you can feel like getting skinnier now… so I’m pretty sure it’s dying

No she won’t be dying maybe a little too much water like I said use a stick to tie her against use anything to hand. And drop your light she is looking for more light hence the streching. Add a fan to gently breeze on stem you need her to upright that stick will not survive

Do have bbq skewers the wooden ones you can use them

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Good idea Aussie one of those with either shoe laces or fishing line should do

Yah even u can use a chopstick with some pipe cleaners to hold it

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The only wooden things that I could use is a toothpick. But the toothpick is shorter than the plant. When I tried to tie a string to it , just kept falling over again.

It’s pretty frustrating when you don’t have anything you guys are mentioning.
I have a shoe lace or floss.
But the toothpick is smaller than the plant itself and isn’t working

Pencils or a plastic fork all u will have to do is break two teeth off the fork so ur plant has enough room

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A plastic knife would be perfect failing that use and old metal one😁

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Take and old pen apart and use the plastic tube anything taller than her will work buddy she looks healthy enough

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I found a paper clip and tried to do what you suggested and didn’t work out.
Tried making a hook with one end and tried hooking the stem to the toothpick. Didn’t work.

I wish you could feel the stem, because comparing to earlier, it is paper thin now.
It’s literally wilting :frowning:

The plant won’t stay up at all with the shoelace. The paper clip.
Don’t really know what else can be done.
I don’t have anything else you guys suggested.

It did look healthy earlier with the first pic I showed.

Now it’s just… dying. And I don’t know what or why or how.

I doubt it’s over watering due to my very infrequent watering.

It isn’t damping off because I hardly ever water, and I treated the soil beforehand too so there isn’t fungus growing in it.

I’m stumped.