Seedling triage

Hello all I am back again. 2 days ago I had to take the dome off my plants and one of them started getting brown spots on the leaves yesterday, and today it’s a bit worse. I am hoping someone may be able to help. It’s only 1 plant.

what soil, what container? Is there adequate drainage? What watering technique? Over or under watered? Ph ?
I know this sounds silly for a seedling but really a support ticket should be filled out.
If not, furnish us with everything you know about that plant and its environment.
Please take photis in natural light as blurple is not helpful at all.

@Quarinteen 1 problem, looks like your grow pot not big enough for your plant. Time to transplant into bigger grow pot.

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Also you don’t need a dome over those anymore…also why the the plant way down in the cup and not filled with soil. I agree with @Draco1 that she needs a transplant, and we need to see none blurple photos, but could be a Calmag deficiency which is an easy fix…usually. For future grows, I always like to start more than I need and select the best ones, and give the extras to friends to play with.

I am growing in a grow tent. I have 2 609w and 1 1200w light. I am using soil from Lowe’s and I mixed in I think enough perlite. Watering is tough I’m still figuring it out. It seems I need to water every other day. I use the feel technique at the moment to see if soil is dry. I am using straight distilled water for now with nothing added. Water I ph around 6.3. I have some 1 gallon pots i will transplant them to tomorrow see if that helps.

On the grow tent I have 2 12 inch fans. One as intake and the other as exhaust. I have a small battery fan inside the tent. Everything is on timers. I also have a humidifier in the tent.

No need to ph distilled water. Definitely needs transplant. Looks like only half a solo cup of soil. The soil is probably depleted as the plant no longer has cotyledon support.

When I hear 1200 watt light I immediately need to ask, is this light blurple? If so, there is very little chance that light is even close to even half of that power. Perhaps you share with us the make and model? We sorta need an idea of the potential of the lighting system to produce results. The blurple lights commonly sold on Amazon are usually false advertized.

I have one of these
LED Grow Light 2000W Full…

And 2 of these
LED Grow Light Plant Lights -…

  • dissipation to m aximum extend the light life.
  • Built-in aluminum substrate with multiple vents and two super big speed fans, cool and quiet, efficient heat dissipation to m aximum extend the light life.
  • Wide Coverage: 120PCS SMD led(total 1200W) provides uniform illumination. It can replace traditional 900 watt HPS/MH while consumes only 213watts.
  • Bloom Switch: The grow lamp has Bloom switch functions: this switch for flowering and fruiting. You can use it to get more heavy output, deliver maximum performance for flowering and fruiting.
  • NO REFLECTOR NO DANGER: Temperature sensor in our lamps will automatically cut off/reopen according the temperature
    This is a snippet from Carambola
    Notice it says total 1200 watts? Also has 2 big fans? And below that its can replace 900w hps? But only uses
    213 watts total? Ok Im confused? They call a 2000w that uses a total of 1200 watts is good as a 900w hps and with only 213 watts? What gives? Is this misleading or what :flushed: