Seedling trapped in shell, what to do?


I have another small problem I do not know how to correct. The seeds of Harlequin are very tough and hard. It is hard for the seedlings to shed their shells upon sprouting. The seedling in the picture am sending has been trapped in it’s shell for 4 days now and fear it will not escape it before it runs out of time to emerge. Is there anything I can do? Will it eventually explode out of the hard shell? It is very difficult to do anything physically to it as the seedling is very delicate and any force will likely sever it. Do you have any advice for me?


You’ve got to get that shell off. Just try very carefully to break it off, it will come. Be patient and apply even pressure. Use your fingernails to get under the shell and pull it up, or try using a tweezer.


Yea its uber scary. But just go slowly and gently. Usually a bit of a wiggle goes a long way. Take that helmut off n let her say hello