Seedling transition advice needed

So what do you guys think, at what point should I move my seedlings into my main grow room with my cmh bulb? I checked the main plant pictured after I noticed it drooping and it’s time to move to a 1 gallon transplantable pot. Ultimately I am moving my plants into 5 gallon pots, how far do you guys think I should have my cmh bulb? It is a dual bulb at 315w ea. 1592571079210453377642404125536|243x500


Welcome ! With that size seedling I would go ahead and Transplant it to a bigger pot . Some people pot up a couple times I usually go from a Seedling cup to the final home. After transplant I think you’ll see them take off. The drooping could be from overwatering. Good luck with your grow.

Any advice on when I should switch them from seedling bulbs to the main grow lights

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You can use the main bulbs any time you like just raise the light until the warmth is just feelable on the back of your hand. If the plants get stretchy, just lower the light a bit. Or conversely, raise the plant!


Go for it ! @Cannabian has got you covered .


Awesome thank you! Already seeing the leaves fatten up after transplanting. Thank you all!


I’m thinking they don’t look good for a couple reasons I’ve seen off the bat, there may be more. First, especially during seedling but it is always a bad idea to have large debris on top of the soil or even throughout. A transition from a medium like rock wool, root farm or coco into a soil medium which is less porous will be harder on the plant. All medium should be broken up to fine particles is best. Another key process is very little compact your soil or medium, ever. Pounding water on it hard will cause soil compaction is very bad especially for a baby. Always make plenty of holes if you start with a foam cup, and even more holes around the cup and bottom, if you are going to use plastic cups which you did. Elevate whatever container you use and have a bowl under it. Sponge all excess water and always make sure there’s a tiny bit of run off even if it’s only a few drops. Make sure soil dries between waterings. Always transplant when a few leaves pass the container perimeter. Always transplant when soil is not too dry and always in the morning. Most of my transplants, the plant hardly notices and just keeps growing. Tickle your roots when transplanting. A 60w l.e.d is good for the first 2 to 3 weeks of growth, then you will have to start double up the watts pretty fast to give it what it needs. Bever blow fan down on plant and you should not give it wind until 2 to 3 weeks growth. And always a light breeze oscillating is best! I have grown many many times

If your plant still gets stretchy, despite what another commenter said, keep in mind intensity and spectrum. With intensity comes heat so make sure you check with the back of your hand. Seedlings however, should be kept even cooler than larger plants. Keep seedlings in the low 20c for best results. In veg, your spectrum should be 6500k or even more blue.