Seedling Struggle - GG4 Auto

Need help. This is my 2nd grow. 1st was outside so this is my first grow inside in a tent. My seedling sprouted from the coco on 2/9 (two weeks and two days ago). I’m fertilizing with Jacks 321.

My girl just doesn’t seem to be growing as much as I’d expect?

Any suggestions?


  • Tent - 2x4 AC Infinity
  • Exhaust Fan - AC Infinity Cloudline Pro T6
  • Exhaust Filter - To be purchased
  • Oscillating Fans - Two AC Infinity (always on)
  • Light - HLG 350R
  • Light schedule - 20 on 4 off
  • PPFD - 700 at about 24 inches
  • Dehumidifier - Cycles on at 65% humidity
  • Fertilizer - Jack 3,2,1 plus silica & epsom salt
  • Medium - Coco + Perlite (Mother Earth)
  • Fertilizer/water - Halo top feed 6 times a day for 30 seconds. Every 4 hours (till runoff)
  • Water Tank/Container - 15 gallon
  • Bubbler - In water tank
  • Seed - Gorilla Glue 4 (Autoflower)
  • Sprouted - 2/9/23


Too much watering for the youngster. Get a clear plastic cup and spritz it inside with distilled or RO water. Put it on top of the seedling for the first few days. The first couple of weeks the plant is drawing moisture from the air through the leaves and cotyledons. Once roots establish somewhat, they begin drinking from the medium. After that, for the next few weeks, set your timer to run til it fully soaks the coco to runoff, once a day. Then in flower, set your timer for vigorous feeding.


Thanks for the response but I’m afraid I was confusing with too much info.

I outlined my water schedule once I start auto watering. Not doing that now and only water a little at a time by hand.

I had a clear dome over it and someone else suggested removing it.

I’ll put the dome back on

I’m so confused and I’m afraid time is slipping by for my auto


I have the same light, and 700 ppfd is to high. You should have it set on the first notch at this point. These lights are beasts. And also agree, no more water for a while.


There is moss growing on the medium suggesting too much water. I’d sprinkle a little mycos on the soil and scratch it in a bit. That will help the saturated roots heal a little bit.

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Thanks! Oddly enough, I just read about (and saw pic) of green on top and that it’s from over watering.

I will add some mycos to the top and scratch it in as suggested.


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Thank you. I have since adjusted my light and the new PPFD is 300. From what I read, that is appropriate for a seedling? No more 700.

If this plant survives and produces anything it will be a miracle. Learn by doing, learn by mistakes.

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300 is good. That should take you a long way before turning it up.

Id suggest bumping your light schedule down to 18/6. She needs time to heal.just like all living things, we heal better and more effecient while we sleep :wink:

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Thanks. Done!