Seedling stem issue, please help

Hi Guys, is it only me or there is something going on in the base of this stem, where the soil is? To me it looks thinner with different colour. The plant is 1 week old, it’s outdoors, I don’t damp the soil but I spray every night after it’s been out, cause the sun dries it out. Could it be from the sun and if yes shall I leave it on a shady spot until it gets stronger? Have a look at the images below and let me know if it looks normal or it’s just me getting paranoid.

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Looks a bit stretched add a little bit of soil around it. Also it’s best to water in the morning so they can up take the water/nutes while they are awake.


and put it close to the light so it doesnt stretch too far. It will be fine and strong.

(oh, the sun :D)


Looks completely normal but do let it dry out… when the soil is dry the roots will search for water causing them to grow deeper and more entangled in your medium. If you constantly have a supply ready they will get lazy and coast on what’s available. What’s above the soil is directly related to what’s under it :+1:


I have had similar issues and ended up cloning the parts I could of the plant, mine was more of a trunk rot tho and started in a similar fashion

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All of the seedling that I’ve got before stretch, this one actually is the shortest one that I’ve had. I’m worried that the sun can kill them, because I can’t control temperature. And I guess that’s where the issue with the stretching comes from.
Thanks to all of you for your response!

Looks fine the stem is just getting thicker

I agree with the others. Looks okay to me. Bury the stem a little, and I’d take the crutch out and get a very gently breeze on her to give her a workout and strengthen that stem! :v:

Yup. They just kinda start out like that. Squishy like baby heads :joy::joy: bury it and watch her

That’s messed up, man. LOL

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After I typed it, it dawned on me

Good analogy, though!