Seedling starting slowly

5 days old and seems to be off to slow start


Don’t worry yet. The roots are just growing.

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Be patient and do not over water. just mist twice a day.

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Root appearing out drain hole in jiffy pot, is that ok for now?

is it an auto or photo?

Auto, ILGM northern light

I would transplant her to her final pot. Most of us use 3 gallon fabric pots for auto’s and 5-7 gallon for photos. Auto’s do not like to be transplanted so I only do it once.


That’s what I got 3gal bags, just going to be a delicate operation as small as she is, thanks for info

Delicate? Nah. Just pop your jiffy pot right into the soil. Jiffy pots & cow pots are great for stress-free transplanting. I just put my 7 day old auto seedlings into their final pots; they were started in rapid rooters, then put into cowpots, then put into final pots.

You’ve got this.


Should I water right after transplant? If so, how much should I give her, soil came out of bag pretty moist. Thanks

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I water right after transplant to get the soil moist. I give her a liter of ph’d water but pour the water around the outside of the pot. That way my girl’s roots go and search for the water. Hope this makes sense.

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Will do, thanks

@JDS1972 I think it is looking just fine. If you can, take future photos under white light, much easier to see what is going on.

As @HJL suggests, make sure your water pH is between 6.3 and 6.7 (6.5 is ideal). Incorrect pH is a plant killer (well at least a plant stunter :grin: )

And, don’t over water. Again HJL suggests misting a couple of time each day. I try to avoid getting any water (mist or otherwise) on the plants leaves when the lights are on to avoid burning. :cowboy_hat_face:
Take a look at different people’s grow journal, it will help put things in perspective and help you to know what to expect.
Here is a link to mine: First Grow is in the Dirt and going strong :writing_hand:

Thanks for the tips folks. For now I’m using the GH pH test set, and my tap water is just a bit high, bout a drop of down per gallon puts it somewhere between 6 and 6.5 I’m guessing. Will transplant her sister in a day or two, and let you folks know how it goes. First time indoor grower, so I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I go. Thanks again for the tips and support.

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Little seedling has exploded!!


How about a photo update if possible.

Very nice size for an auto in veg. At 30 days you should start seeing preflower. Any signs of bud sites? Beautiful plant.

Yes, I saw pistils a week ago, and explosive veg growth this past week! Gonna post some comparison pics from beginning of lst, which was 13 days ago to today