Seedling Stage Issues

This is my first grow. Using a Northern Lights Auto-seed. I’m just at the end of Week 4 the beginning of week 5. I had good growth until a little over a week ago it slowed down so I moved to a bigger pot about four days ago. Since then it’s begun curling up more and yellowing underneath creeping it’s way to the top. Im watering at nightly with about 6.5-7 ph with Medusa’s Magic and big bloom for my nutrients. I started those about a week and a half ago once the third set of leaves began showing. The temperature has stayed between 72-82 and the humidity is on average about 60%. Keeping light on 17 hours. Sorry for the quality of picture. Open to any suggestions. Any other questions just ask! Thanks.


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What soil are you using, specifically? I expect the quoted text is your primary problem. The little one may be weeks old, but it has never gotten big enough to deplete nutes from the soil. Most soils set you up just fine for nutrients for at least 4 weeks from your last transplant.

I started with light warrior seed started and when I moved to the bigger pot I did 50-50 the light warrior and happy frog. So should I go with straight water for a few weeks no nutes? And do you think it’s already to late?

Correct, no nutes until at least 4 weeks after your last transplant. Happy Frog has plenty of nutes for it to feed off of for 4 - 5 weeks.

I would get it out of the soil it is in and maybe do 50/50 again to give it a break. Watch for new growth. New growth will tell you how she is doing.


Alright!! Thank you so much for your suggestions!!


I’d start some new seeds and try again, you can try to keep these going but start some new seeds as a backup plan as these will take a long time to recover and they may not recover at all.


Welcome to the community. We’re glad to have you. Stick around, Don’t give up. asked questions. Lots of growers here to help you.

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@Hellraiser is right. I would just pull that one and start over

Something went horribly wrong with that plant. You say you had good growth until a week ago but you never really had good growth from that plant. My seedlings are bigger than that in 3 days after breaking the surface of the soil. Feeding 2 nutes nightly was just the final nail in the coffin. Need to figure out what went wrong and try again.

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What light are you using and how far above the plant is it?

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I always hate telling someone to cull a plant, but that plant is hurting. If you got the time and seeds, start over. If not, mother nature sometimes finds a way…

My first grow was a mess and the good people on this forum got me over the hump. Good luck and welcome to the community!

Couple recommendations along the lines of what folks have said here

  • get a digital ppm meter so you can measure the runoff
  • young plants, especially those in hot soil, don’t need any nutrients.
  • young plants should be watered infrequently. I water my young plants once per week.
  • Use a humidity dome if you can’t keep the humidity over 65RH.
  • the pH of the water you are adding should be 6.5 max.
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I use fox farm ocean forest potting soil. Never had any issues with it. Where did you get that seed from?

Only on my 3rd grow , try not to transplant autos , no nutes till after week 5 , and less water and a clear dome of some sort over the babies

Thank you so much for all the suggestions! Yes I have decided to just start over and tomorrow am going to start the germination process and implement all these suggestions. @Hellraiser I’m using a 1000W light. I will put a link to it at the bottom. And I currently have it at 40 in. I believe, I am not home but I used the suggested level in the handbook for the light. @Michael1385 The seeds i got were from online through Seedsman. My local dispensary does not carry seeds yet. From what I saw, i put my extra seeds in the fridge well covered and kept dry. What is the best way to germinate them after this technique?