Seedling Questions from John

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Here is my seedling at day 15 if this gives you a point of reference.


Since what exactly? Soaking, sprout, emerge from surface?

With most good quality soil mixes, nutes are not recommended for at least 4-6 weeks.

What kind of “lights”?

It’s been three weeks since they were first placed in soil. My grow lights are active grow 4 bulbs led 25watt I think T5 HO.
I only used the seedlings fertilizer booster and only watered them slightly one time. I have a humidifier that I use trying to get humidity up but the inside of the tent gets wet. The temperature inside the tent isn’t correct either only around 54 degrees.


Geez I’m way off compared to this

DLI, PPFD, WATTS, info if available.

70-80 is best
The temperature inside the tent isn’t correct either only around 54 degrees.
I am frozen at this temperature, the seedlings feel the same.

Dr Bruce Bugbee, USU and me colored this slide
Good growing to you (not freezing)


Those bulbs should work fine for this stage as they can get close. Those temps are a problem. Cannabis plants come to a hault around 55


How do I get the temp up?

Thank you I appreciate everyone’s help.

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Proper lighting will raise temps, a seedling heat mat under them will heat them, a space heater (oil-filled work well) but that’s way too low for the plants to thrive. You are going to need something like 30 to 40 actual watts of LED’s to properly grow and flower your plants.

One note: most of the lights sold on Amazon are junk with wildly exaggerated claims of performance. When you start to shop for lights; post it here for the forum to advise you. This will keep you from spending your money unwisely (something I and others are guilty of).

I would also have a dome over each plant: a clear Solo cup works well.

Fill out the Support Ticket…


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I’ve had much better luck with seedlings planted in smaller pots.

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When it comes to lighting, please please listen to everyone here! Lighting means everything and I found that out the hard way. Check on eBay for either hlg, spider farmer similar. I got a used sf-4000 for 150$. And it works pristine!!!


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Thanks everyone I’ve got the temp up in the zone range it should be in and I covered them with a dome. Now for lights, what recommendations does everyone have? Also is there one that works well with all stages of growth?

I don’t know what light but some things to consider.
2x4 tent? Plan on covering the whole area, 8 square feet.
Will you be getting a bigger tent? Should for 4 plants. Then you’ll need a light bigger than you need now.