Seedling question

My seedling is 3 inches tall and has 2 sets of true leaves the first true leaves are an inch long and the second set are a half inch long the stem of the seedling looks long to me is is there anything I can do to fix this such as burry the stalk I started off thinking like a teenager took 6 bag seeds put them in a grow pod in a window cell a month agoI’m very new to this and I don’t want to waste the work I’ve done already though I know I started off the wrong way I look at this as an addictive experimental stage any help would be gratefully appreciated and I’m building my room in 3 days there are no room size restrictions and I’m not going to to be frugal when it comes to purchasing my equipment thanks again

you cann burry stock some more but main reason they get leggy is lack of adequate lighting

That’s what I figured I basically want to use the seedlings I have to closely study the growth cycle to better educate my self not just in growth and cycles but the plant itself if that makes sense any advice on a good base start to a room? I know it’s a learning process but I’d prefer to make the room rite the first time I rather spend more the first time then to have to upgrade later and is there any where I can check for a basic list of supplies I.e meters gauges things such as that I apologize if any of my questions are silly or a waste of your time I’m very new to this but very excited thanks