Seedling question from a noob

Ok. I think I might be right in this assumption, but just wanna double check. Mind you, I did not do anything this way.

So if using a humidity dome, cfl, and heat mat on seedling, you remove these when plant leaves this phase.

Once the number of leaflets per leaf becomes 5-7, the seedling stage is over. This entire stage can take 2 to 4 weeks.

So use the humidity dome,cfl and heat pad until leaf has 5-7 leaflets?

The seedling phase always confuses me because everyone germinates and handles it differently. Trying to see what works best for me.

Right now, I germinated in water, planted and put under cfl with no dome. Once sprout came up I put under my ts1000. Looks good but it’s a mother trying to keep lung at high humidity. The dome sounds a lot easier.

I’m not sure what you are asking? Your little plant looks like it has been over watered a little but looks good. Might be ready for a pot up could be what it wants. I use a dome only when I germinate in the soil or with a clone. Seedlings don’t like a dome


The main reason to use a dome is because a young plant’s roots are not adequately developed to uptake water. A young plant will take in moisture through its leaves. Once the roots have developed enough, further use of a dome stymies root development. The number and size of the leaves is an indication its roots are taking over and doing what they are supposed to do.


What beardless said

We said the same thing, he just used big words and explained it lol he’s probably smarter :crazy_face:


@MeEasy he does me the same way but since he advised me on my seedlings a while back I don’t say nothing just listen then I copy his words so I look smart next time

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I wasn’t saying it in a bad way, I tend to go off subject and not get to the point I’m trying to make. I’ll write a paragraph on bugs when we were talking about water lol at least when I smoked weed I had an excuse, I don’t smoke anymore


Me too I am sometimes not eloquent

Good info @beardless you learn things everyday if you read. Exercise the MIND. :ghost: HAPPY GROWING.


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Ok. So it sounds like I AM handling right and my question was riddled with inaccuracies lol. I have tried to absorb so much info in past 2 months I think I either got wires crossed or temporarily lost my mind.

I am definitely not overwatering, but could the fact my humidity is at 70% mimic overwatering? Turn humidity down to 40-60% when plant leaves seedling phase? Or do it now.

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Well said smart man!!! @beardless