Seedling problem

My young seedling has burns on the end of leaves one day old could this be some sort of heat burn because the sun has been hot over here in 9 hours direct sun

are you using a humidity dome of any kind? seedlings like high humidity ass for the sun it would be very intense for a seedling and could burn leaves I would defuse the light using a humidity dome.

How do you make that

Maybe something like this:

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Something else to think about, time and time again, we see people put seedlings in too hot of soil, or soil with to strong of nutrients in it. Did you start the seedling in a seed starting mix or something else? What type of soil is it in now and what is your watering/feeding system, what do you give it and how do you treat it?

There are so many different things that can contribute to something like this, more info about your grow would be helpful, maybe try filling out some of the questions found in the support ticket so we’d have a better idea of what the environment as a whole is for your plant.

Also, a picture would help a lot, as they say, a picture is often worth a thousand words, and we might see something that could also help us have a better idea of what might be going on.


Wont that make it more hot

This is exactly what the person above was talking about, something like this.

The humidity dome should have some holes or vents to let some heat out, and some air flow, however high humidity is very important for seedlings. And the clear plastic will filter some of the sunlight’s intense rays.

Again a picture and more information about the whole of the environment this plant is in would be helpful, we could give you better recommendations with a better idea of what is really going on.


Cant really see a good picture because phone takes junk picture but I you look at the tips there are burnt

zoom In and I am growing in coco with perlite I also put some wood ash just I case of its potassium

Dam so sorry picture is f@#$ed so sorry try in get a better one tommorow

Again, seedlings need almost no nutrients, this could be the sole cause of the leaf burn. No wood ash, no compost, in general no nutrients that might be even a little too hot, to be on the safe side. The general rule of thumb is not to feed seedlings until they have 3-5 nodes and accompanying true adult leaves, 3-5 sets of adult leaves.


Okay thanks bro so what should I do now

You can try and make sure all the ash is washed off, maybe a little soil flushing could be warranted, especially if it is in soil that might be too nutrient rich. Just pure coco with perlite, and did it need to be flushed? Often coco has too high of sodium levels, this can also cause “burnt” tips. Coco often need to be thoroughly flushed of this sodium before its first use.

Just water as needed until it has those leaves, then you can start giving it a proper feeding regiment, and try and make sure the seedling has about 60% humidity for the first couple of weeks, for best results/fastest growth.


Coco peat/coir how do you rinse this coco

Flushing soil is done by flushing pure water through it until almost no EC/PPMs are coming out the bottom.


So until that brown liquid is not coming out the bottom of the pot and until it is clear

Sure, maybe, that might be one way to do it. I’d trust a EC/PPM meter more.

Something like these, they are not that expensive nor that hard to learn how to use and maintain, and they will more than pay for themselves by helping you discover and correct problems before they build up in your soil.

TDS/PPM and pH pen on amazon:


that makes for some hot soil when starting seedling you want it in an almost nutrient free soil for first couple or few true nodes. Seedlings are sensitive to feeding, most people start with super low nutrient soil than transplant as it starts to get too large for the pot.

Sorry gangsta I wasn’t more specific with the dome lol. plastic or glass tends to diffuse light when used with HID it’s around 15% for hood shield and an additonal 15-20% for average humidity dome so decreases intensity by around 20% over direct sunlight. The dome retains some moisture and helps to keep rootzone and plant fairly warm both of which aide in early growth. This is for future referance since main source of seedlings issues would be direct contact with potassium in this case.

Ok thanks alot it really helps

Isn’t this just like a greenhouse