Seedling problem not so good

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG ! I am a beginner and have gone through 20 seeds and only got 3 petty plants… I soak them until they crack then put them in tissue till sprouted I then plant them in medium coco and put them under 250w they pop through grow a long stem then keel over and die ??? Please help. I have 25 seeds which cost a tidy sum and worried to do again in case I lose them.

I have tried but don’t have a clue how to start a topic

Here i got it buddy

So what exactly are you doing here not familiar with this and do you know ph

And if i may, the light, what kind do you have: hid, cfl, led ? :grinning::innocent: @matty123

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Ok lets start at the top you soak them in distilled water then place directly into growing medium If they have cracked waiting for taproot is wasting energy. With coco it should be rinsed and PH corrected to 5.8 swap out light for a standard daylight cfl or 2 keep media warm place on heat mat cover top to hold humidity don’t water unless very close to dry judge by weight moist not wet and don’t add light until they break surface.

There are several ways to start seeds you are combining 2 shot glass and paper towel.
Shot glass is simple scuff seed with match striker to thin shell some then soak until they sink 12hr’s or more then plant
Paper towel you can scuff as well place seed in paper towel moisten and cover until they crack then plant,

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It’s most probably a too low Kelvin light and/or a light place too far from your seedling , and maybe damping, overwatering. :neutral_face::slight_smile:

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Sounds like they are stretching, due to not having enough intense light. What kind of light and how far away from the light is it?