Seedling - Please help

Hey everyone,i have a seedling that i had over watered in its early stages but then left it for a few days and hey presto it came straight back up but with non symmetrical growth. Could somebody please explain if this is a problem or if im A okay to keep rolling on as i have not come across this ever106200350_628104718064548_4127290520427879712_n

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Looks like it will survive.

Hell if over watering is your only problem! Lol she’ll be fine. Lift the pot before and after you water to see how heavy. If it’s light you know you need water but when watering fill to the brim and let drain then add just a bit. Give them enough to keep wanting more. It’s a game you kind of want them to be thirsty.

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Are we talking about Plants or Women?? @Kevfrmthestl

Your plant looks healthy to me. Good luck with your Grow. Have a happy Harvest. @B-Nug

Both! If you think about it lol

So I don’t understand why my plant leafs are browning what should I do ?

What kind of soil? What’s your watering schedule? Some details for us people like direct sunlight outdoors? What I see on the picture is you get the whole plant wet as it has water on leaves. This is part of it just water the soil at this point. You’re feeding the roots not the leaves. Second you might want to put some perlite into that soil it looks caked up and that water has no where to go. Just my opinion.

Water the edges of the pot and try not to get her leaves wet. They don’t like that. She looks healthy other than that.