Seedling-plant light

Is 250 watt led flood light okay for seedling and about 10” away from it?

What is the watt wall draw on it. ?

It’s a 38 par but I just ordered this one today will it be good from seedling to harvest ? image|281x499

How much actual draw is it. Guessing it’s only 50w

If it’s an actual 50 watt draw from the wall, that might be too much for a seedling. If it’s a 50 watt equivalent bulb, it should be fine, but you’ll want it pretty close, within 6 inches or so probably. But watch the plants mostly, they’ll let you know if it’s too much or not enough.

I use 2 4’ Light bars 5000k, actual combined draw is 40w. Work fantastic and at a seriously low cost.

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