Seedling pH Adjustment?

hey all - quick question about soil ph for seedlings. I have 2 autoflowers that are starting their 2nd set of leaves (cbd kush and white widow) with another 2 nyc diesel about to pop any day now. pH meter says i’m at 7 right now using some leftover seed starter mix i had from tomatoes last year. should i try to get that number down now, or wait until i transplant and veg stage? and yes i now realize i could’ve started autoflowers in their lifelong soil/pot from the beginning :slight_smile: thanks!

Before anything else, can you share what you’re using for a PH meter? If you’re referring to one of the probe style that sticks in the soil, don’t make any adjustments until you get something better. Those are not to be trusted.

You’ll want something like this, and this one specifically is highly regarded around here.


thanks @CygnusX1 - i am indeed using the crappy old probe style one from the old veggie garden. guess i need to drag myself into the 21st century and get off the analog one :slight_smile: thanks for the rec - that one should be here the day after tomorrow.

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Good deal, that will go a long way. Last thing you want to do is make unnecessary or wrong adjustments based on bad info. I’d keep doing what you’re doing for now as long as they seem happy and check things out (specifically your water going in to start) once you have the meter in hand.

And my bad for not mentioning, but if you didn’t you should order some “storage solution” as well. The bottle will last a long time but some goes in the cap when the meter isn’t in use.

ch, good to know - thanks @CygnusX1 ! i’ll look into that next…

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