Seedling not growing

After 10 days waiting for a seed to sprout I now have a 1 inch seedling that has not grown any in over a week
I have it in a grow room under a grow light
I water and spray but it’s not growing
Any suggestions

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Posting a picture would help.

Sometimes if the environment isn’t quite right it does take some time to get going good. I have a lsd plant that is tiny at about 10 days old. My last grow I had a seedling start really slow. Sometime like three weeks just being a tiny sprout. Then one day it decided to kick it in gear and take off. Ended up being some great bud.

Try a dome over the seedling to retain humidity. Mist inside the dome, allow soil to dry a bit. It needs to establish roots before it will grow. It is not unusual. I know I have done this thinking It isn’t doing anything, it must need water. Wrong

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I once waited 5 days for a seed to sprout. Then I planted it. It’s still lagging behind. These were all started the same time.

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Thanks for your response
My grow room currently 71 degrees
65 percent humidity
Should I still dome the plant

the larger ones are in full veg stage (# of leaves) so a dome is not necessary. The small one laying over needs some help. Straighten her up and add potting soil to top. I would put a clear dome over her.
The other ones look a little stretched out too. When you transplant, set them a little deeper to bury some of the stem. You are not far away from transplant time. Other wise the look good. Pay attention to light height and how they react.

I’m jealous and maybe inpatient
Your responses put me at ease
I will dome the seedling

One other question. Is jiffy seed starter a good choice

Just inpatient I reckon
Thanks for your input
I will stay in touch

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Referring to compressed peat pellets. I use them for starting flower seeds but not cannabis seeds. Once my seeds have sprouted in water with a little hydrogen peroxide they go into a peat based seed starter mix or a damp paper towel if it needs another day.

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I’ve started in the seed starter soil. I grabbed a bag from Walmart when I ran out of options.
I prefer rapid rooter plugs. Sponge like material, and you can soak nutrients in it. (200ppm)

Quick question
How long should I keep a dome on my seedlings that are about 2inches tall

I would go by number of leaves. If just the cotyledon, use a dome. If second set of leaves has developed and well established, then remove the dome. Leaf growth is an indication the roots are also established. Once the roots are established, they will be the primary source of water rather than the leaves.

Your the best

Not a lot of experience but I think the strain and genetics have a lot to do with it also. These 3 were started and planted at the same time. The little one is from one seed bank the others are from another seed bank.

I messed up big time. In trying to reduce the soil ph from 7.8 I flushed them with water ph 5.5 today that are dying leaves drooping stems broken with the weight of the plant. They look very overwatered I’m worried its too late

Should I transplant