Seedling not growing vertical but horizontal

Like the title says… Just this morning this little one popped out and started growing fast. But instead of up… it’s going horizontal alone the soil. Is that normal? Haha.

Very carefully take off the shell, if you have clumsy hands have some else do it

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Just my opinion but looks to wet to me. Watch your water just a small circle about 4or 5 inches away from the plant.

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the soil looks wet and compact ,what type of soil is that . once you get the leaves out support the stem with some lose soil.

Yep, you got a helmet head. Gonna need to get that off.

The soil is Fox Farm Happy Frog. But I don’t think it’s in the soil yet, in the center is a Rapid Rooter where the seed was set.

The seed shell still looks like it’s on there good. I have no idea how I will get that off without breaking the root.

this is make or break for her. If she can’t get it off ,she’s going to bite the big one . so you have a choice help or wait

Ugh. I’ve had terrible luck lately. I bought 10 seeds. Only 2 have made it. Most of them never even germinated. 2 died because the seeds never came off. I killed the last one trying to remove the shell. I’ve followed all guides on this site. :frowning: I must not be meant to grow anything. Ha.

Whelp. I just tried removing it. Ended up snapping that root. Sigh. I feel so defeated.

next go come here for help, I’m batting 1000 with this method

Day 1
Soaked seeds in peroxide 30mins and then soaked in tap water for 24hrs
Day 2
placed in paper towel in tupperware bowl
Day 3
plant tap root down in germination tray ,water 6.5ph
Day 4
my girls are here

@Ryanz27 talk to support they might do something for you, you are having bad luck with rapid rooters . I would do something else


How deep did you plant the seed? May not have been deep enough. As the seed grows upwards, the surrounding dirt will pull the hull off as it scrapes by.

I plant mine about 2 cms deep, by poking a hole in the soil with my finger, up to the first knuckle. Seems to work well.