Seedling low humidity

16% humity in seedling tray. I put plastic around tray and humors went up to 29%. It has been cold and heat has been running more than usual. Any suggestions?


If you can try spraying some of that plastic with water thats ph’d for your medium in a water bottle.Few sprays on each side should get it up to 60-70 just make sure to air it out or have an opening or some holes to let fresh air in


I’m having the same issue ! I don’t cover mine I just keep an eye on them and sometimes use a small humidifier cheap 8 dollar one but in the starting tent it works great


Wet a small towel or facecloth and put it in the tent. I’ve used this in the past.


This morning the humidity was again down to 16%. The meter shows a high of 38%.
I sprayed the plastic with water and with in 15 minuets it had gone out to 28%. I will spray Aegean this afternoon and hang a damp cloth to see if can hold higher humidity overnight. Any thoughts?

Dontou put water in bottom of germination tray
What i do i put a thin piece of styro foam under pits to keep them out of the water i put a 1/4 inch or so to cover tray completely and keep matt heater turned on and place done over the top this keeps my humidity up in the dry winter months i can actually reach 100% underdome this way
summer i dint use heat matt or water a just dome
Last thing you can do with s get a free. Standing humidifier whole house type
Similar to this one

And raise the humidity in the grow room

I have a tall dome I can put on. The reason I took it off was so I could lower the t5 light down to about 3” above the plant. I was seeing stretching in the plants. What do you think about putting the dome back on and putting something under the pots to raise them closer to the light so I will not have the stretching problem?

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My dome is 10 inches tall i think
That will work raising pots
And i put my t5 right on top of it just about touching

Will do that today and post results. Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971

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Keep me posted @Hippieheart

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Please use this thread thanks

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