Seedling looks unhappy

Hi all, I wanted to reach out and ask for opinions on my latest seedling. It’s a gorilla cookies auto and it doesn’t look very happy. I just remembered reading somewhere that these starter pods are junk and that’s just what I have started it in…:grimacing: is this likely why she’s unhappy? And how do I proceed? I’m afraid to handle her being so young bc I just lost one bc of that. Also let me know what yall think of my first grow!! :blush: I think they look super weird and i could’ve trained em a bit better and gotten more than what I see here but hey, first time, but I’m SUPER STOKED nonetheless!! Those 2 are sensi skunk autos and today they’re about 63 days old!! :hugs::hugs:


What kind of soil are you growing in?

First grow looks great. Seedling looks thirsty. It’s only those pots that slow down the roots when burried. Can just carefully cut the majority of the cup away and plant it. No transplant actually happens then since the roots were never disturbed. Nursery bags are a great alternative and do the same thing, with the exception of being super easy for the plants to grow through. Her soil does look dry and the leaves are wrinkly and turning down on the ends. Bet the leaves feel dry too. People seem to afraid to touch their plants. But feeling your leaves can tell you a lot about the water needs.

So it was started in one of the little starter pods that expand when u add water, I cant remember what it was exactly, but so that is buried in FFHF. It was the only soil I had to put in at the time but I just got some FFOF recently for this to go in. I only have maybe a gallon of the happy frog but was just gonna mix it with the ocean forest to fill up the bucket. Would that be OK or harmful ya think?

Yeah. It’s common to mix them. A lot of people will even layer happy frog on top of ocean forest. Since ocean forest is hotter.