Seedling Lights

Hello, I am just finishing my first grow. It was a bumpy road but they made it thanks to the people of this forum and ILGM.

I used a 400W HPS set at 200W for the seedlings… I am getting ready to start seeds. Can I use this light for the two week seedling stage? It will be 6 seedlings.

F17T8/GL (RB17T8GL)
Color Temperature: 7800 K Kelvin
CRI=11 8000hrs
Lights of America 17W grow light stick (7020GL)
Wattage: 17 watts
Dimensions: 2.5" x 24"
Light Output: 1,093 lumens

Thank you to everyone for all the help

Yes - but watch you distance from top of plant to light - consider abut 6 inches (+/-) Use back of hand test to see/feeel if you .lighting is a correct distance

Right on Steve2 good imfo.


Currently I’m setting up for 250MH, but eventually I’ll go back to fluorescents.

I love the energy savings and they do a great job! (just my personal preference)

-good luck