Seedling light schedule

Hi, I’m a proud mama of two seedlings. Ph is 6.0, ppm 360, 2 5 gal bubble buckets, Mars 600 w led. Temps and humidity are good. My question, should the net pot be somewhat submerged? Also, light schedule for seedlings and distance of light from plants. Thanks!

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Pot over 1.5" from water, let the airstones water your plants with the popping bubbles. PH 6.0 good, PH5.8 better. Light for seeds: first 2 weeks 24, next 18/6 grow plant how you want it the flip to 12/12 knowing the plant will almost dbl in size


No… never do this, hand water from the top if need be or get a top feed setup

GH Farm Kit

Far away… they don’t need hardly a thing

I have started running the gas lantern schedule. It saves allot of money on electricity. Not saying you should do this schedule but it’s a good one

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I’ve started 6/2 schedule on mine. That comes out to 18/6, with rest periods.

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