Seedling light change

Hi folks… just germinated 4 white widows using a temp CFL panel…

at 2 weeks, I’ll switch to a 600w air cooled MH setup… I’ve been running the CFL’s 24 hr… I figured I would do a 20/4 schedule for veg… does it matter when I start giving them the 4 hr’s of dark? am I better off waiting until I start giving them the 600 MH, or should I do it sooner?

thanks for taking the time to help a noOb… :wink:


It does not matter when you add the 4 hours of dark whenever you are ready @Ryoken


thanks :slight_smile: it was just something I hadn’t seen mentioned in my research…

No problem happy growings

I did mine based on what was best for MY schedule. My lights turn on at noon because I knew I wouldn’t have time to tend to them in the morning. This gives me more time at night. I also didn’t want to water a couple hours before the lights went off.

Also keep in mind when picking your schedule, at some point, you’ll be on 12/12. Make sure you give yourself a window to water and check on the plants.