Seedling Leaves Wrapping

These are my 12 day old seedlings. I had them in the rapid rooter plugs and today I put them in the rockwool. Soaked the blocks 30 min in 5.5. Drained. Then flushed with the clean 5.5 with the 1/4 tsp to a gallon each of the 3 GH nutes. I was feeding wit 1/8 tsp prior to putting in the rockwool today. I Shook a lot of water out then put the plugs in. Put them back under my 6700 florescent about 1-2 " away where they were.
RH is all over in the 60s but right now is 71% im sure due to the big ol wet blocks.
Temp 74 - 80

The rolled leaves on that one seedling just happen between the transfer and tonight. I can see it curving more by the hour.

Funny thing is the one that looks good is a bit retarded half the root was above ground so I had to fix that and it had a weak stem. And the other was my strong one. It’s like they switched rolls.

I garden all year. I’ve never had a problem. I’ve only started smoking recently for medicinal reasons. These are the only 2 seeds I have since I am too petrified to order any online that I’ll get arrested, lol. But I can’t be driving 2 hours to the dispensary and paying those prices forever. So I need to grow my own. I figured if 1 of these were female I could do clones & go from there.

Any help you guys can give me would be sooo appreciated.


You can really see it almost wrapping around the false leaves in the 4th pic.

Normally you wouldn’t want to give nutrients this early in the seedlings life. It’s either that, or the medium has a pH that the seedling isn’t enjoying :v:

They may just be stressed a little from the transplant and possibly a little over moist, cannabis is incredibly resilient though, yours look fine. Like @ktreez420 said, as long as you keep that PH on point, and wait til you hit actual veg to add those nutes Ill bet those things will be pristine in the next few days.

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