Seedling leaves pointing straight up and closed

I’ve got my first grow going with Lemon Kush. The seedling has been above ground for 8 days, and seems to be growing well. I’ve noticed over the past couple of days that the leaves are starting to get more and more vertical. Is this normal? I haven’t been able to find other pictures like this. I’m using an LED light, and I switched from 24/7 to 18/6 three days ago. I watered with a small dose of Big Bloom a few days ago.

This picture is from yesterday.

These pictures are from today.

Lower the light to start, she is reaching for light (streaching) also dont give any neuts yet and no water per se as she has no root to speak of yet. Put a clear dome over her and mist the inside of the dome with a spritz of water.

Search threads on seedling dome’s you should find more info on this.

Might even fill the cup with some more soil to brace her up some.

Yea she’s begging for light seedlings need 5500-7000 lux . Half the reason I steared clear of blurple lights is it’s so hard to get a reading so you have to trust the seller for lux reading ranges

Thanks for all the advice. I’ll look into better lighting.