Seedling Leaves Lime Green

Hi, first timer here. I’m wanting to get feedback on my (5x) 9 day old seedlings. My concern is that the inner portion of the leaves are more of a lime green than a deep dark green.

Here is the current stats:
Strain: Blueberry Autoflower from ILGM
Days cracked from seed: 11 days
Days since peaked from soil: 9 days

Here is the environmental numbers I have been maintaining since breaking of soil:
Relative Humidity - 60%
Temperature - 70*F
Light - ~175 PPFD (measured using an app on my phone)
Watering - A little distilled water every other day

Wednesday October 13th update: I watered with 7.0 PH tap water for first time. I activated the CO2 bag. I’m waiting for soil to dry out before I water again. I’m wondering where the deficiency lies. Sulfur? Nitrogen? Any deficiency at all? Again this is my first time. Thanks for any help!


Is that bottom pic the same plant?
What kind,of soil? Light? Day and night temps?


Hi @Voodoo8648 welcome to the neighborhood, Looks like it’s hungry either for light or food because it’s not stretching I’m thinking there’s enough light so we have food… my first thought is the distilled water doesn’t have any minerals in it and that’s making her hungry


It looks like your soil is a high peat content mix. What else? peat alone or with perlite has no nutritional value.
The cotyledon leaves looks to be dying back. Doing that this early on is often an indication the plant is using them as a food source.


Those are my 5 different plants. The bottom one is quite behind

Not enough information. Soil type? Got to help us to help you…

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Need more info please

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Welcome to the community ! Soil has a lot of wood chips. (Cannabis friendly soil ?)

Hi, thank you guys for responding. Allow me to clear a few things up:

  1. The originally posted pictures are of 5 different plants.
  2. I have posted a picture of the soil I used to this reply.
  3. I was watering with distilled water and just changed to ~6.5 PH tap water the other day. I used strips to measure PH
  4. Indoor tent size is 2x4
  5. Light is a Maxisun PB2000 200W. It’s been hanging about 24 inches above the pots
  6. Current light schedule is 8 off and 16 on
  7. Temp is controlled and set at 80* F
  8. Humidity is controlled and set to 60%
  9. Ventilation system is installed and set on low. iPower 4 inch 195 CFM
  10. CO2 bag is activated and hanging just above pots.
  11. The brown thing on the cotyledon leaves you see is left over from the seed shell

I’m not necessarily saying anything is wrong with the plants, but they just look more lime green than I thought they were supposed to look. I have attached a picture I just took of the group. The plant in upper right has been a runt since the start and is behind. Also attached a few pics of my setup

Thank you for the reply. The distilled water could very well be a problem. I did water them with PH’d tap water on Wednesday. The soil is still a little damp under there so I did not water yet. My plan is to water tomorrow (Saturday). I am not quite sure when to start feeding or how much to feed them… and really, I’m not quite sure how much water to give them either. Please also see my most recent reply to this thread. I posted more info and pictures.

Not familiar with the soil pictured. Cannabis needs to have soil that PH’s to around 6.5. Strips and drops really aren’t effective growing cannabis and a good investment is a decent PH and ho hum TDS meter. You can be all in for under $75. Apera is a good place to start.

This is going to be a problem by the time you are in flower. Not enough for that space. The good news is you have time to do something about it.

I’d run 24/0 until the plants are established. A clear Solo cup over the plants will help as well. Remember; seedlings collect all of their water from the air as there is not a tap root yet. Very light watering as media that’s wet will damp off the seedlings (and contribute to a light green color).

Ditch the bags: they are a complete ripoff. You need high light levels, a sealed environment with roots isolated from the CO2, lots of heat and humidity management etc. In short it’s highly technical to get any improvement over Mother Nature.

Make sure your tap water contains no chlorine. If water is chlorinated, let stand for 24 hours before using. If chloramines you will have to chemically remove it or run through a D/I filter.

Can you please explain what you are saying here? I don’t understand. Also, here is a snapshot of the most recent water report from our city… Looks like it does have some chlorine in it.Untitled

Cannabis seedlings need high humidity until an actual root system develops. 100% is great for the first couple of weeks.

If you water the media, the plant can’t take it up so water remains in media; often turning sour with bacterial action which can kill the seedling. Wet media doesn’t pass oxygen well and when the sprout does develop roots they are in wet media and drown due to lack of O.

Your muni water should be left out for 24 hours before use and you’ll be fine with using it.

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The plant looks healthy a little bit of stretch i would give it a very lite feeding with about 1.5mls of nutrients in one 1.5 ltrs of water

Thank you for the advice. I turned off the exhaust and set the humidity to 99%… It seems like it’s topping out at 94%. I have not watered. I set the light to 24 hours on and at 60% brightness. It’s maintaining 80*F

Hi, figured I’d quickly follow up with you guys. The bottom two kids seem to be doing pretty good. The upper left looks bright green and maybe a hint of yellow throughout the leaves. Middle one seems okay and the top right is REALLY behind. Very slow progression on this baby… I did give them all some PH’d tap water for the first time since October 13th.
I’m wondering WHEN the signs that veg has begin and HOW MUCH water I should give after veg begins.

The RH has been set to 98% and temp steady at 80*F. Light 24 hours @ 60% brightness.

Hi @Voodoo8648 I haven’t been keeping up on your thread so I don’t remember what medium you are growing in or what you are feeding. I can say by just looking at this picture that they are hungry and the medium looks pretty dry. I consider them in veg as soon as they have two sets of real leaves

Are you feeding yet? Medium?

Ditch the CO2 bag - it’s what is hurting your plants!!

To effectively use CO2 it HAS to be in conjunction with lighting. If the plants aren’t being literally blasted with light then the CO2 becomes toxic to the plant. LIGHT + CO2 = accelerated plant growth, CO2 alone doesn’t do the job.
Seal the bag up and take it out for a few days. Bet you’ll see a difference.

There’s a science to effectively using CO2 in grow spaces.
Google is your friend…your friend who knows your every move! LOL!

Good Luck Bro!!!

And welcome to the forum!!


edit: Save the CO2 for later in the grow when your lights are ampped up and you might get something from it.

That soil could use something to help aeration and drainage too.
i suppose it too late at this point though

Good Luck!!!

Thank you for your feedback. I have not fed them yet and per the advice of someone else, I have not been watering them while in seedling stage. It was explained to me that they intake the water thru the leaves via humidity until they establish roots. The medium is pictured below

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