Seedling leafs yellow, what to do?

A question of a fellow grower:

Why after they germinate and I put them in dirt why a lot of them don’t come up?
I’m use Pro-mix the soil I’ve use for 25 years. I already set most of the ones I’m talking about out! But I germinate them the way you sent in an email a bit ago, I done it with all my seeds this year! I left them in water for 3 or 4 day but there wasn’t much that came out, so I put them in soil and verily covered them! A couple came up that way but most like that never came through the soil here is some but not all because I reused the others because the soil wad still good!

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You said you used Pro-Mix but didn’t say what you had added to it before placing your seeds in there.
If it were me I’d find the seeds that didn’t come up and place then on a plate with paper towel and wet the paper towel and keep moist till you see a tap root then place in the soil. try that and see what happens and give them some time to pop ok.
Then let me know what happens

Hatching : place seeds in 7ph’d water, soak for 24 hours.(more will drown seeds), place seeds in between paper towels, moisten paper towels–drain off excess water, put in a container–keep moist—NOT sopping wet!
Once tap root is 1/4" long+ place in clear plastic cup with drain holes. Bury till just head is at ground level, spray mist twice a day until second set of leaves show.
Use another cup on top of the seed for a humidity dome.

Once the roots are all over the inside of the clear cup, transplant to final home.

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