Seedling leaf problem


I have brown spots on new growth of seedling how do I fix this need help QUICK


Did you drip something on those leaves?



No they just stay outside it has got rained on alot could this be a ph balance I am growing in coco


Yes, it looks like it could be pH or a nutrient problem.



Do you think it is deficiency or toxity and I will flush system with hydrated lime that should be good and every time I water plants should i use lime or not just once a week


I can’t advise you one way or the other until we have a better idea, is the pH high or low? What kind of nutrients are built up in the media? What is the TDS/EC of the run-off? What is the pH of the run-off?


6.5-7.0 some bat guano long time ago I flushed that put already dont have tester for run off


What is 6.5 - 7.0?

To know if you need to bring your plant’s pH up or down, or if you have too many nutrients built up in the root zone, we need a measurement that is indicative of what is going on in the root zone right now.


6.5-7.0 is the ph of the lime I am using I dont have testers


Get a way to test, it isn’t that expensive, you can even find stuff at a local garden supply.



Also, is this the same seedling you had ash sitting on the leaves? This could very well be residual burn spots from back then.

I think you should read the whole e-book, I think you are misunderstanding something. The lime is alkali, if your soil has a pH at already say 7.0, adding lime will not make it better, maybe worse, it can raise the pH well above 6.5-7.0.



Yes it is same seedling with the wood ash thanks for the tip about the lime.
P.S. Dont you think that the seedling is growing very slow


If it doesn’t have ideal conditions in the soil to be able to build a robust root system, if it doesn’t have a large healthy robust root zone it won’t be able to uptake lots of nutrients and the plant above ground can’t grow very big or fast.