Seedling leaf diagnosis

I haven’t checked different brands, but the brand of white vinegar I had came out to 4.5 for ph. @merlin44 I randomly checked one day just to see. I figured it might be useful to get a guideline with household item for those that may not have a calibration solution.
I checked TDS too, that was really high… I think it was 1200+?


Jus recalibrated with both solutions nd everything seems fine. Wuz tryna use as many household items but I will def order pH up n down 2day. Just watered this morning so should I water to runoff and test it now? Or wait till next time the soil is dry? Compared 2 others at this age my lil infants seem so premature nd I haven’t watered to runoff yet. Assumed they would need it soon but then all the issues started nd now I’ve lost the confidence needed 2make executive decisions🤦🏽‍♀️

You can, or you can wait. Up to you. If you didn’t get any run off when you watered this morning, it wouldn’t hurt to have some run off, to verify proper watering techniques, and not to get you into an underwatering situation.
Run on sentence, but whatever. Lol


Until they are large enough to water to runoff you could do a slurry test to determine base PH. 1/4 cup of media, 1/2 cup of distilled water, mix, allow to stand for 30 minutes then test PH with your meter.

I suspect you had an overwatering issue which could appear to be hungry plants. At 4 weeks they are small.


My grammar sucks when I’m typing so I apologize n advance… 4 everything lol. Should I be regularly watering 2 runoff? Does that mean nutes r in the near future? I’ll calm tf down 4now but… jus wondering… but I digress lol. I always read about ppl overwatering seedlings so I may have erred on the side of caution regarding the increasing volume as my girls mature. But I’ll re-water, test the runoff, nd report back with my findings

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I’m catching up on the msgs and seeing ur response just as I wuz about 2 drown my babies😱 The slurry test doesn’t give me low level anxiety lol. Thanx so much 4 the info I’ll get started now nd lyk the results

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Didn’t wana remove 2 much soil from the lil bags so I halved @Myfriendis410 's recipe and made a slurry for each girl. Let sit 1hr then measured the pH nd attached the corresponding pics 4 reference. Any nd all input is fully appreciated

Amnesia haze: 6.7

Chocolope: 6.3


Depending on your lights (which increase the metabolism of the plants) you want a small amount of water as needed: like 1/4 cup every couple of days. The rule of thumb is you can water to runoff once the plants’ canopy is the same diameter as the pot it’s in.

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Feel like I’ve been giving them minimal water but wut do I really know anyway lol. Think overwatering could b the culprit? I’ve been lookn all over this forum, some others as well, nd there wuz only 1 plant with similar yellow nd brown patterns but it wuz from calcium deficiency. But that can’t be it since I haven’t even introduced nutes yet… Right? Only reason I ask is bc my cots r brown nd shriveled. I know I have extenuating circumstances, but isn’t that usually a sign 2 start feeding? Or do I jus need 2 go sit down somewhere?

It’s getting worse!! I’m starting 2 get really worried. A few leaves actually have lil holes n em. Nd maybe I’m bugging but some of the new growth seems 2b twisted nd already has lil spots. I’m no quitter but I’m almost at the point where I jus wana take this knowledge I’ve acquired nd start all over with new seeds…

They jus look so sad

Happy holidays everybody!!!

Unfortunately my girls rnt doin 2well nd it’s clearly time 2 make some big time life decisions.
Uploading: 16404445243712620531689705410620.jpg…

2my newb eyes they seem 2b past the point of salvage… Unless I’m wrong. Nd if not then I should prob start actually feedings… Unless I’m wrong🥴

But even if they can b saved they’re a month old nd their growth is stunted nd all the leaves r damaged— from wut, I still don’t know. I can’t front, I’ve already kinda lost faith nd I jus popped 2 new seeds. Since all my seeds r photos my thought process is that even if this 1st round does make it, the 2nd will prob catch up (nd possibly surpass) the older 1s nd hopefully I will still b able 2 flower all of them at the same time… Unless I’m wrong🥴

If somebody, ANYBODY, can tag n I’d really appreciate it. We really need some sweet chin music but I’m over here feeling like Marty Janetty. If u know, u know… If not, pls send help anyway lol. I’m not easily offended nd open 2 any nd all input, comments, nd constructive criticism

Clearly I’m on my own. Thanks “community”