Seedling is deformed

I am not sure what this is, what happened or will it survive. It sprouted in less than 24 hours, i had it in a peat pellet. Any ideas

Looks like the membrane from the seed is stuck. Try a drop of water and using tweezers to loosen it. Don’t pull it, the whole thing will come out.

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This was found on the side of it, the shell was completely off.

It shed it’s helmet and now is a true seedling. Soil looks wet. Don’t drown it with over watering. Get some light on it and air moving around it and watch it grow.

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There is a membrane between the shell and the actual seedling leaves when the plant is opening. The hard seed popped and fell off, as it should, but the membrane that is suppose to go with it stayed on the leaves. This happens fairly often. You can remove it with a drop of water and tweezers, but as stated, be careful not to pull the seedling out of the soil. Or, if you have a steady hand, get some fine point scissors, and snip it between the cotyledons (the first set of green “leaves”). This will open it up.


100%. No better advice to offer.