Seedling help, stop producing

This is my first time using a dome but my seedlings do not seem to be responding. Current temperature ranges from 78-84 degrees and Rh between 80-90. I spray them three times a day. Just one spray. One looks as if it was over watered, it was in direct soil. I don’t know what is going on with the others. White Widow Auto, 1 week.

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They are hungry for more light.


Their lanky stems say they are not receiving enough light. When they stretch and fall it’s a tel tale sign.


Beat me @MidwestGuy . Light starved. Pot them up. Bury them to about an inch or so below top leaves. Remove that cloth from the peat.


Thanks everyone


Looking for light. The dome will somewhat diffuse it, so when it is on, they aren’t actually getting as much light as a meter may read.


I don’t really want to comment but i will… this can happen for the lack of light or for too much light. If it’s too intense they literally will try to get away. You are the one there to figure out. Just saying.

Happy growing. :call_me_hand:t3: