Seedling help. Not sure whats wrong

Purchased The LSD strain from here and I am having issues. I’m a newbie grower of weed but not new to gardening. When should I move the seedling from the CFL light to the tent with the Led light. I am using a Vipar spectra XS2000. I think I moved them too soon at 1st and they nearly died. I have them back under the CFL and they have recovered and are green again. But only one has started growing new leaves. The other hasnt started Ny new leaves at all.

To summarize. When should I move from CFL to the Led?

Thank you for any consideration and time.

Looks dry even for seedlings.

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I don’t use CFL so this is just in general. Sprouts /young seedling do not need a lot of light. If they need more you can tell because they stretch reaching for more light. I think they can go under your Vipar once they have another set of leaves. See what Vipar recommends for height and power setting.
They may be pale from their rough start but are they getting anything to eat? Either from the medium or you? Also, at this age I find I have more success if cover them with a dome. It increases the humidity and makes it easier on the young ones.
It is hard telling from the medium if they need a drink too.


What he said…lol :point_up:

I have been spritzing them with water and I use foxfarm nutes. Soil is damp underneath. Thank you.

The Trio? Grow Big is pretty potent
A couple ppm by stage charts

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What kind of soil are you using? It looks like wood chips. Get some Ocean Forest and use it all the way through. Trying to feed nutes this early is a bad idea. Your soil should be supplying that. Your RH should be at least 60%. If you don’t have a humidifier put them under a dome.

You can put them under that LED anytime. Cut the light back to 40% and that should be fine. Then you can increase it a little at a time with what you feel comfortable. I keep my SF SE3000 at 80% no matter what. And at around 18" - 24".

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Exactly what SiriusOGD said. He’s spot on. Your soil looks bad.