Seedling help for newbie

Hello. I am a total newbie and was so excited to start growing.
I have lemon haze and so far 3 seedlings have gotten acouple inches tall,and fell over. When they fall …they get a bend and it dies.
I started the first 2 in 5gal cloth pots with strawberry fields soil and covered with clear cup. Squirted with water in am and evening. (Wetting but not soaking)
Light is 100 w on 24/7. 13 in away. 75 to 79 degree temps with fans running.
I thought this was too strong so backed it off a bit and did a 17/7 light schedule but it died anyway.
I now have a lemon haze at 1.5in seedling and it fell over this am. I have it in a red solo cup (instead of the large pot) and covered with a clear plastic cup. Using a 30w grow lite directly over it. I carefully pulled it up using a toothpick and created a little cage but i think it will die anyway. This will be number 4 death. Im sooo sad. :sob:
I have read ppl saying they only water the dome so i am going to let them Dry out a bit.
Please advise on light. I have a 100w full spectrum . It will not dim nor change between the lights.
TIA :blush:

Do you have them in straight strawberry fields soil?

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Pictures of your set up ( lights, medium, pots etc) might be helpful.

What lights are those exactly? Like a brand and model number or a screenshot of an ad (no direct link unless it is amazon plz). Most LED grow lights advertise “watt equivalent” which is generally 10% of that number as actual draw. Like a 1000 w (eq) would only be 100w actual output. The smaller lights don’t equate to 10% usually but they are still significantly less than “indicated”.
Sounds like they are getting too tall too fast ie: stretching. That usually means not enough light.


They are in strawberry fields soil

This is the light… I did down load the photone app and adjusted light to 20DLI
2022 New MARS HYDRO TS600 100Watt LED Grow Light 2x2ft Coverage, New Diodes Layout Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Seeding Veg and Bloom Greenhouse Growing Light Fixtures Four for 4x4’

welcome to the forum and to growing!
I wonder, do you start them in paper towel and move the sprouts, or plant right in soil?
And how wet is the soil.

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I also realized by using the app that the 35 watt bulb was a joke haha
I took the dome off it (the second one died) to let the soil dry out. I had been spraying the soil instead of the dome .

I did the first round in water and straight to large pot. This second round I am using the paper towel method and to the solo cup

I use paper towel, they only fail when I have the soil too wet. When that happens I pull out the dead thing and see the root never went anywhere

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I spray the soil and the inside of the clear cup both. Just enough so there’s water evaporating under the dome

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Id say strawberry fields is a little hot for seedlings. It should be an amendment for blooming


Sounds like damping off. If you are watering them at all during the first week, stop. Sprouts drink from the air. Keep them either domed, or in a 65% humidity environment. Mist the topsoil with the dome on, 20 or so pumps from a spray bottle with dome over sprout and then mist inside dome and replace dome. 1 time a day for a week. Then after that week, water like half a cup water, in a ring 3inches or more away from the sprout. Thats enough water 3 or 4 days. Keep dome for 2 weeks or so. Increase as plant grows. Seedling for a week or so then veg starts at 1st true leaves.

Seedlings will stretch up until they find light or run out of stored energy. When they find the light they stop growing up and start getting wider. Thats when you know they are in the right light. Keep lowering your light till they stop, few clicks at a time.

Your light is not a great light. You will be able to veg with it but I want to warn you. Light is the biggest need, 120 true watts is JUST enough for good quality buds. Your light is gonna leave you wanting more. Just know that upfront so you dont get all bummed. A mars hydro ts1000 will just get you there. The ts600 is considerably dimmer. Im NOT saying it wont work, Im saying it will not work well.

This soil is ment for flowering times. It is Low in nitrogen but high in Phosphorous and potassium. Not a great starter soil, but better the Miracle Grow.
It will do but you need to cut it with perlite. Any Fox Farm soil needs to be cut with perlite but Strawberry fields has really crappy drainage. 3 scoops soil one scoop perlite. It retains more water cuz, flowering soil should do that.

Many people start in FF Happy frog, its less nooted up. Ocean Forest is what I use. A while back they had a different recipie for OF, lotsa bat guano. Anyhow it was too hot for seedlings and its got a bad rep now. Ive not had a problem with it ever. I also always cut it with 25% perlite.

Dont give up! Read like a son of a gun. Start saveing or working to aquire a better light. Single plant light gonna cost you 150-200 dollars. Light is the single most important piece of equipment. Ask around on the boards before you buy another. Likely every light in existance has been used by someone here. To ask someone a question directly type @ and their handle. (I.E @Docnraq )

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I am a total newbie as well, following along to see if I can not learn something. I do have a question, so I have some regular organic potting soil and was planning to mix in worm casings at 50/50 will that be alright for seedlings?? Thanks in advance.

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Since it’s potting soil you got it must have something for water drainage and retention. Adding that much worm, or any compost, will change that. Compost retains moisture good but will change the moisture characterisitics of a good potting soil. This will be important so your seedlings aren’t in too wet soil. I suggest a quarter to a third max of worm casting or any compost, then add a little perlite to keep it light. This works for my weed and my veggies


welcome to the community good to have ya!


Thanks, have never done anything like this before. After I posted I read the instructions on the worm casings and it stated 10 to 20 percent so I went with 15.

15 is good especially for your soil; I was fixing up tired old sandy garden soil so I use double.

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Sorry for the delay in response. The forum wont let me reply but so many times and i didnt know lol.
Thank you soo much for the great info. I have a friend who grows and i bought strawberry fields for seedlings and coco loco for the duration based on his advice. He is quite successful, which is admirable considering i am reading here that his methods arent great haha.
I am only going to grow a couple plants at a time and have lined a small closet with mylar and have fans. The light is small but i figured it would work for my small plans.
Will you give me suggestions of better lights for my small needs?
Thanks again!

Thanks for the warm welcome…great to meet ya all …

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A plant worthy of the name weed! Sooooooo many ways to shave this kitty!

Ive not used coco but Iove FF soils so Im sure it will be good. Be sure you focus your reading on coco vs soil. Ph requirements and such are different in coco.

Yeah, your gonna wish you had a bigger light by the end of all this. Light sale data sheets are often very misleading. What kinda space are we talking? If unsure measure the length and the width and post what it is. Ill try and recommend some light for your space that wont break the bank but still get you there.

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@Docnraq pretty sure you nailed it above. Didnt quote it but damping off is the culprit. Even though the SF is not great for babies she gets what she needs at this stage from humidity, light and the cotys. But damping caused by too much water will kill every baby regardless of soil.
I use several FF soils. I always start in only happy frog and the same day i drop the bean i prepare the soil. I water it to a few drips of runoff and put it in the dome until the seed pops.

I keep the humidity at 80% and use a heat mat at night at 82F. I do not add water to the soil for the 2 weeks she is in here.
Then she gets transplanted at 2 weeks

And i start a light normal watering schedule, wet/dry not frequent.
Grab the TS1000 if you only have 1 plant. I have 2

But produced some good bud