Seedling growth is stunted

@bob31 Thanks for all the advice! I just figured sincen i was watering such a small amount ( about 15 oz) it was okay. So do you think I switch to my routine that i normally start when they’re a little bigger now. And that routine is about 1/3 gallon with nutes every couple days. Then when i start flowering i usually up it to a half gallon with my flowering nutes every couple days.
@bob31 does this sound like a pretty good wartering schedule it’s what I used for my last crop and it seemed to work pretty well! Let me know if I have any other advice i appreciate it all !!!

Yeah that should be ok, if it worked on your last grow it should work this time as well! @rad13

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@bob31 thanks for the advice about watering less often. I can already see that she looks more perky! And also since I fimmed the other day she’s recovered very quickly, and she startinng to have new growth at the fimmed site and the rest of plant is growing to which is great because the fimming hardly shocked my pineapple haze plant.

@bob31 one more update is that I took your watering advice to the dying seedling i had which is strawberry kush I believe. Anyways after i let the dying seedling (which I believe was because of ever watering watering that caused slight root rot) dry out and been watering way less. The seedlin has shown new growth snd seems to be coming back to life:)


How old is that second one? @rad13

@bob31 the second one was actually planted the same time as my healthy one. It sprouted its first little pair of round leave and then stopped growing for two weeks i think from over watering. Because since i let her dry up a little she began to start growing just in the past couple days and before i had totally given up faith snd thought another seedling died. So thanks for the watering tips!!!

@bob31 i just wanted to shiow you some pics of the the pineapple haze plant that i fimmed a week a go and started adding nutesf to my every other day watering schedule. Which I’ve been using a third of a gallon every watering, until she gets a little bigger then i use a half gallon, which will be pretty quick because she has shown vigorous growth thanks to @bob31 !!

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Yes she certainly shown vigorous growth @rad13 She looks very healthy!

So im having issues since i Fimmed thre pineapple haze. It’s growing new shoots everywhere but the fan leaves are limp and look like they’re dying i
Already trimmed to set of ten leaves cuz they were yellow and dead. Is this a nute problem or watering problem. And the the seedling I thought was dying is growing great I’m not going ton fimm her quite yet!

The bottom picture shows the dying fan leaves i hate trimming them since they’re still vegging. Excuse all my miss spellings I’m late for work. Alao i think I’m going to get new nutes the ones i have I’ve been using for three years🌱thanks @bob31

Anything touching the soil should be trimmed. But you know from that bottom pic, the leaves look droopy to me. Can you take a pic of the entire plant in natural/ white light from the side? please @rad13

3 reasons why leaves droop.

Under watering
Over watering
Root bound


@bob31 i trimmed fhe dying leaves btw

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@bob31 i think I was overwatering again. And i just fimmed the small blueberry plant so hopefully she recovers well!

The pic is of the blueberry plant i just fimmed

Also if you need a better side picture of the pineapple plant to diagnose the problem let me Know… but I already trimmed the dying fan leaves that were drooping torwards soil

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If this is the one that was drooping she looks fine in those pics? @rad13

Sorry it’s last pic that was in the white light that’s the one with droopy yellows brown leaves. The problem is i cut them off before i took thiis picture.

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ok no problem.

on the watering… over watering will kill them faster than most anything else! The roots drowned in the wet soil cause they cant breath. Wait till they are dry. And then wait one more day. Wait for them to droop slightly and then water them again. They will grow way better this way! @rad13

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@bob31 thanks for the watering advice i think i have a good watering schedule that’s been working!

Heres some pictures to show their progress! @bob31 are they looking healthy!?

I’m gonna wait a couple more weeks till they bush out more and then start scrogging both of them to increase my yield and get a large even canopy and then switch ton12 and 12 to start flower

ok, on the watering routine.

Consider this a heads up then. If that Happy Frog (or any enriched soil, especially with Bat Guano) isn’t allowed to dry out between waterings and is constantly wet, it opens the door for an infestation of soil gnats. Your plants will also grow better if the roots are given the chance to grow throughout the pot, looking for water and becoming stronger.

Keeping your soil wet all the time could also invite root rot and other fungus and molds to grow. (And maybe even stunt their growth)


So I got my scrog net up, and have been bending all the tops out to flatten out my canopy. My question is Can I turn the lights 12+12 and start flowering and still scrog in the early days of flowering?!

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I do it all the time since I run 3 light rotation my plants stay mobile until they start flowering at which point they are in final home that is when I add screen

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