Seedling growlight input please

Currently running to T5 sun blaster lights during my seedling stage before i introduce my girls outdoors, wondering if these lights are sufficient and if anyone has experience with them it would be appreciated as far as height from seedlings and so on. Currently about 15” above seedlings and to be completely honest I made a real bonehead mistake :rofl: I never looked at the lights closely before installing and forgot to remove blue film from the reflector lmao so they were removed just now. All solo cups are day 9 and big fabric pot is only about 4 days in.

thanks in advance

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What really helped me with my 15 plants, prior to going outdoors, was the Photone light app for my phone.

When the plants were young I found around 350-400 ppfd worked the best.

Prior to getting the app I was just guessing how much light they were actually getting.

To use the app you need a “diffuser”, which is quickly and easily made with “scotch” tape, scissors and a sheet of printer paper.

Can’t say much about the light because I haven’t used that one before. I will say though that your girls are stretching. Meaning, they’re seeking more light. Can you drop it lower at all?

@ADK_Guerrila that light is doing great if your seedlings are growing which to pop seeds you don’t need strong lights , you can grow a seedlings under candlelight ? But they are ready to transplant to they final pots and I’ll give them at least 4 more weeks and kick em out !

I use a 4 bulb T-5 fixture for seedlings and the light needs to be at 10 inches to get the right amount of light. With two bulbs you should probably be closer then that.

Added a milk crate bellow since I can’t drop the lights easily now less than 10 inches from the girls

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They definitely start rooting and getting stronger. Now you going outside or indoors ? Either are , I sat transplant them so they can get settled in that tap root and start vegging foliage.

They will be going outdoors but temps are dropping low like in low 40’s to high 30’s this weekend but it looks good after that, I’ve heard not to transplant until leaves reach the edge of the cup, I’m currently cooking my growing medium for them in their final 7 gallon pots.

Those should work fine for seedlings. I used t5s myself briefly. Now I just use this. When I got it it was missing a bulb, bought open box for cheaper even. Didn’t return, gave the Chinese their 5* review for a $30 amazon code. Can’t promise that promotion is still going, but it would have to be honored if I told you where to send what. I’m sure the cards are still in the boxes though. Basically get paid a little for a free light. Lol.

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@Budz do it work for your seedlings :seedling: pretty good :+1: ? @ADK_Guerrila you can transplant , cut :scissors:, harvest when you ready cause it’s your grow , that’s more a preference , once they pop up , 2 weeks maybe 3 I transplant them , if the second node grow , the root has hit the bottom of the cup :cup_with_straw:and it starts to curl in the formation of the bottom of the pot . We all have certain methods right , early transplanting can save weeks on grow time , the faster they can root to support the weight and height of the plants genetics , the faster it will grow vertically , that makes any sense ? The early the transplant the sooner the finish but you still have to hurry up and wait ?

Worked great for my clones.


I give em til 3 sets of true leaves before they go out and then 2 days in the shade of a tree before they go full on in the sun.

I’m in a similar latitude to ADK in the green mtns of VT and I’m also holding off on potting up til Monday or so with the chilly nights we’ve been having the last two or so. Fricken 38 yesterday AM at my place. Good thing for my peppers I’ve got a cold frame with a space heater in it!!

Got three Banana Kush Autos waiting to go in 5gal bags and three photos waiting to go in 25gal bags. Nobody’s moving til Monday probably. Maybe Sunday if the rain is gonna come Monday.

i mean this is pretty normal the temps usually tease us until after memorial day weekend up here, @Deez we are pretty darn close to the same latitude i think lastnight was 39 over here all of my peppers are outdoors also tomato’s, they seem to be doing alright so far, ive got 3 girls scout cookies extreme, 2 gorilla glue and 1 bruce banner going out in 7 gallon fabric pots, and one gorilla glue going out in a 30 gallon smart pot along with my 3 blueberry photo’s from a few years ago when my one big girl went hermie, im hoping to get atleast one male from the photos so i can pollinate a few of my autos for my own little seed bank.

@CMichGrower thanks so much for the info i really appreciate it since i have moved the ladies much closer to the light my growth has doubled!! before i germinated in a dual 15" speaker box with a 2ft LED from Lowes up top and a 2ft fluorescent on the side and that worked well lol so going full fluorescent was a new try for me with a dedicated grow area indoors lol pretty soon i will be investing in a tent set up . Happy Growing!

@ADK_Guerrila sounds like you’re getting a lot of the same weather patterns that we are. Especially temperature given that we’re not that far apart. It was so warm so early in the season this year that I almost put some plants out at the end of April but thought twice about it because of the light schedule - The weather was warm enough but my photos would’ve started flowering for sure.

I decided to part up my photos to 25 gallon pots yesterday afternoon and I’m just on my way back from the farm store picking up more soil to top them off and transplant the autos

@Deez awesome!!! Weather looks good from tomorrow on, do you use water soluble or granular myco when transplanting ?? I used water soluble myco and misted my roots on peppers during transplant and they took right off. I’ve been reading a lot on the autos and I’m hoping I don’t stunt them

I’ve never tried adding myco - The mix in growing in has myco in it but I’ve never tried adding more during transplant.

I have never used those either. I am currently using a little vipar. This works very well. I have one built just for my tent coming soon. I run the vipar at 45w and it does excelnt. If you were looking to change. This is 15.00 cheaper than what I paid too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Well bit the bullet and decided to transplant my 6 auto’s to there final home, root systems only reached the bottom of one solo cup so we will see if that works to my benefit or not , misted roots and also transplant hole with water soluble myco and sprinkled granular myco into the transplant hole.

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In 2 weeks they will explode and you will save at least 3 weeks in harvest time .