Seedling growing well but looking light


Hi my seedling are 10days old they are getting phd water with nitrozyme 1ml per litre ph is 5.8 ec 0.4/ 200 in coco perlite mix is this just new or to much nutes to soon under 125 watt cfl ther are 9 under it


I grow in coco too, and I use the general hydroponics Flora trio. I start nutes at 1.5ml micro 1ml grow and 1ml bloom after 2nd or 3rd set of true leaves. The small round feeder leaves should feed the plant for a bit. I believe @Myfriendis410 has been growing in coco longer than I so they probably know more then me


I’d say to soon fir nutes yet. I wait til around 5 set of leaves and the food your using should have a feeding schedule for youngsters. Use full amount they suggest for the age. If they say it will take it give it to it! But keep an eye on it don’t over feed usually every other day will work


Watch the cotyledons (round leaves) and start feeding at 1/4 strength when they have yellowed. About 2 weeks from sprouting.


Thanks guys think I should go back to ph water then for couple more weeks before I make them sick


Maybe give them some calmag since coco is notorious for needing it. And they will tell you when they’re hungry


Thanks mate appreciate it :metal: