Seedling growing in Y shape

So I have started my first grow. Got a nice shack, which I will be converting into a better grow area, as I go. This is also, my first post on here.

I have several seedlings currently, and one of them is beginning to grow very strangely, and I cannot find anything else about plants growing this way, anywhere online.

Pictures of the plant in various stages of growth are attached here, but it looks like it is going to “Mainline” itself, right from the seed.

Using a homemade soil mix. Combined Pro Mix, Miracle Grow (I know it’s not good, but I found out too late), and a bag of black earth. Temps tend to stay in the range if 70-74 degrees. I currently do not have any temp control measures in place. Airflow is good. I have an oscillating fan to circulate air, and 2 ceiling bathroom style fans (one in, one out). No humidity controls either (again, new setup, new place, will adjust as I go). Plan is to plant outside in a few weeks when they’re a bit bigger (legal where I live) but started them off under a 600w equivalent “blurple” led light.

Can anyone tell me about this, ie: why it is happening (mutation, etc), whether it is good or bad, or just anything about it?

Thanks all!

Looks genetic. Here’s a genetic polyploid I grew not too long ago.

@MidwestGuy thank you for the reply.

Any advice on the best way to gently separate the 2 stems, so both sides grow evenly?

Both sides matured nicely on one of my polyploid plants, though it produced a lot of excess foliage that I had to cut back regularly. I had 2 of them. The first one didn’t make it as she choked herself to death on her own foliage.

You can’t really separate them, but you can cut one side off.

Was thinking of some light plant ties to slowly begin stretching the stems to either side of the pot. Not a physical separation, per sei, but just pulling them each to the side so both sides get even light?

I’m totally new to this but it sounds like you’re essentially wanting to low stress train it from the start. I don’t know if that will be harmful but it sounds like a good idea. You would be treating it as any normal seedling but supporting each side of the stem to grow outward from the original stalk.