Seedling Grow Advice

I’m new to growing. Based in the Caribbean so warm sunny weather year round.
This is my second seedling attempt. Lost first set due to heavy rainfall resulting in over-watering and seedlings died.

Here is my second attempt, photos taken at Day 18. Currently under cfl bulbs indoor 16/8 light/dark.

1)Wanted to know when to transplant? (from these bottles into a 5gal fabric pot and place outdoors under a green house roof.)
2)When to start giving nutes?

Any other advice would be appreciated.

Looks good. Make sure there are holes in those containers. Otherwise what soil are you in? That will determine when to feed.

Transplant when you can see a good number of roots pressed against the side or on bottom. That tells you they are well established.

Thank you. Yeah cut holes in bottom of all the containers.
Using Van Egmond Potting Soil for now, when i repot will use 50/50 mix of potting soil and soil by supplier, its a good mix of sand, top soil, compost, humus. with nothing added.

Just got Fox Farm nutrient trio & 3 way meter tester.
Starting to see some roots on the sides, thinking transplant to bigger fabric pots next week and move outdoor

Just transplanted & fed the bigger seedlings, to fabric pots and places outdoor under clear plastic.